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Mentally Tough with Phil Kornachuk
Phil Kornachuk embodies the mentally tough mindset. After overcoming multiple challenges, the former Special Operations Ranger and Green Beret served in the U.S. Military for over 20 years before dedicating his career to helping others realize their own physical and mental strength. It’s an incredible story, and you won’t want to miss his conversation with MTNTOUGH.
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Bodyweight training
This week, we have MTNTOUGH COO Ara Megerdichian and MTNTOUGH Founder Dustin Diefenderfer discussing how one manages to have a strong mind throughout their entire life. It's one thing to be mentally tough for one hour when you know there is an end in sight, but what about when hardships keep coming, and coming and you never know when it might end? 
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Mountain athlete in gym with "Stay Dangerous" shirt
The non-technical definition is a mindset & ethos where the treatment of others determines who you want to be, while you are here, and through this humility you find fulfillment over the long term versus short term success. 
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Mountain athlete in gym
This week MTNTOUGH COO Ara Megerdichian brings us a powerful message reminding us that we do not get to chose the time we live in. But we do get to chose what we do with the time we are given.  No matter how negative the world gets around us there is always positive ways to make an impact.
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Mountain athlete resting during training
Ara tells a story about a Panama training mission where his scouts hid rocks in his rucksack. As only Ara can, he turns carrying extra stones into a motivational story that will challenge you to push yourself in 2021. Don't wait to change your life; don't make excuses. The time to start is now.
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