You’ve probably noticed that we talk a lot about mental toughness here at MTNTOUGH. While we may sound like a broken record sometimes, the importance of mental strength cannot be overstated. Whether you’re pushing your limits in the gym or in the mountains, balancing the challenges of work and personal life, or just trying to navigate this crazy modern world we’re living in, mental toughness can be the rock that grounds you through the biggest challenges in your life.


Most MTNTOUGH workouts require a certain level of mental toughness, but we’ve never dedicated an entire program to mental toughness. Until now. 

MTNTOUGH Mindset is a groundbreaking new program wholly designed to give our community practical, powerful tools to build mental toughness and make meaningful impact in their lives. This 10-day Mental Toughness Program was built in partnership with our good friend Phil Kornachuk. If you missed our introduction of Phil, you can check out the intro here and listen to our conversation with him here in the app.

The program will be built off three pillars: mental toughness, mindset, and leadership. Each day is back-to-back with sessions lasting 20 minutes or less. You’ll have access to a library of resources to build your own mental toughness playbook. Plus, it’s interactive so you'll be able to interact with Phil and be training with an entire community of people dedicated to getting better every day. As Phil says, “We’re looking at mental toughness as something that can be learned, practiced, sharpened, and applied.”

We are still dedicated to specialized workout programs designed for the mountain athlete, but without mental toughness our physical strength can only take us so far. When we can be holistically strong in our mind, body, and soul, we can truly unlock our potential to be extraordinary every day of our lives.

MTNTOUGH Mindset is now live in MTNTOUGH+