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About Michael:

Michael Easter stands at the forefront of the intersection between modern scientific discoveries and ancestral wisdom, pioneering improvements in health, life significance and professional performance. His passion drives him to journey across the globe, immersing himself in the company of intellectual giants and those who choose to lead extreme lives. His insights and experiences are shared globally through his published works, podcasts and television appearances.

He is the mastermind behind the bestselling book, “The Comfort Crisis,” which has resonated worldwide and has been translated into 10 languages. Its impact has been so profound that it has been embraced by Major League Baseball teams, elite NCAA D1 football programs, prestigious universities, law institutions, multinational corporations and top-level military units.

Michael's work emphasizes that while science offers many solutions, it doesn't capture the full spectrum of human experience and well-being. His approach uniquely bridges the measurable and the immeasurable, interweaving diverse fields such as medicine, anthropology, theology, philosophy and authentic accounts of ordinary individuals achieving extraordinary feats.

Michael firmly asserts that profound insights and understanding are not found in the confines of a screen. His adventurous spirit has led him to interact with monks in Bhutan's ancient monasteries, lost tribes in Bolivian jungles, US Special Forces in secret locations, genetic scientists in Iceland, underworld figures in Iraq and CEOs in Fortune-500 boardrooms, among others.

His pioneering ideas and work have reached over 60 countries and earned the endorsement of esteemed individuals, including CIA directors, Navy SEALs, Olympic gold medalists, renowned physicians, Pulitzer Prize winners, spiritual and environmental leaders. His writings are featured in reputable publications like Men’s Health, where he serves as a contributing editor, as well as Outside, Men’s Journal, Cosmopolitan, Vice, Esquire, Scientific American and Women’s Health. He has been a guest on top-rated podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Art of Manliness, Impact Theory, NPR and EconTalk.

Michael has provided his expertise to elite universities, medical schools, Fortune-500 companies, government agencies and significant nonprofits across the nation.

Apart from his global adventures, Michael is an esteemed professor in the journalism department at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), where he co-founded and co-directs the Public Communications Institute.

He resides on the outskirts of Las Vegas, where the desert begins, with his wife and their two dogs, Stockton and Conway.

Michael's 2% Substack

The 2% represents the philosophy that only about 2% of individuals choose the more difficult path, which is also the one that provides greater long-term rewards. It's based upon a study that found only 2% of people choose to take the stairs when an escalator is available—a metaphor for the harder, but more rewarding path in life. This mindset, which is emblematic of the determined, gritty and persevering, is core to the mission of this new platform.

In a world where health and wellness information can be oversimplified by mainstream media or overcomplicated by influencers, 2% with Michael Easter aims to provide a reliable and practical middle ground. It leverages cutting-edge science, expert insights and wisdom across various disciplines to deliver health and performance advice that's both profound and applicable in everyday life.

There's a free newsletter where you can get access to two free posts per week and an upgraded subscription with a wealth of additional value. 

What do I get from the 2% subscription? 

Subscribers will gain full access to:

  1. All posts (usually three per week) covering a wide range of topics like mental and physical health, performance, nutrition, fitness, the value of challenge and adventure and much more.
  2. Full archive access, allowing you to explore past content at your leisure.
  3. Audio versions of all posts — perfect for those who prefer to listen while engaged in other activities.
  4. Regular Q&As where you can get your personal questions answered.
  5. Expert-reviewed takes on breaking health topics, helping you stay on top of current developments.
  6. Conversations with a variety of experts, including top athletes and Nobel Prize-winning scientists.
  7. Exclusive access to the "HAVE FUN, DON’T DIE" series dedicated to essential tips for better and longer living.
  8. Regular Q&A sessions with a team of scientific advisors.
  9. Exclusive discounts from reliable health, fitness and adventure brands.
  10. Free workouts and straightforward, effective nutrition approaches.

This service offers more than just information: it offers an opportunity to be a part of the 2% — those committed to the pursuit of a better, healthier and more fulfilling life.

MTNTOUGH Endorsed 

At MTNTOUGH we fully endorse Michael's product, services, and community. We feel a strong kinship and see alignment with our values and pursuits. We encourage you to at least join Michael's free newsletter and consider subscribing. We believe it will be a valuable tool in your arsenal of high quality information, self improvement, and growth. Michael will make you more MTNTOUGH. Subscribe here.


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