Andy Stumpf Interviews MTNTOUGH Founder on the Cleared Hot Podcast

Dustin was guest on the Cleared Hot Podcast with Host Andy Stumpf: Navy SEAL, World Record Holder, and Inspirational Speaker, and Podcast Host. 

We hosted Andy on the MTNTOUGH Podcast and if you enjoyed the podcast above we bet you'll enjoy this one as well:

Who Is Andy Stumpf?

In the world of military excellence, extreme sports, and motivational speaking, few names resonate as powerfully as Andy Stumpf. From his early dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL to shattering world records in the skydiving realm and hosting a thought-provoking podcast, Stumpf's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. This blog post delves into the life of Andy Stumpf, offering insights into his multifaceted career and the lessons we can all learn from his dedication and discipline.

Early Life and Navy SEAL Career:

Born and raised in Northern California, Andy Stumpf was driven by a singular goal from the age of 11: to join the ranks of the Navy SEALs. This dream guided him through his youth and led to his enlistment in the Navy right out of high school in 1996. Stumpf's commitment and resilience propelled him through the grueling SEAL training, setting the stage for a remarkable career in the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, often recognized as SEAL Team 6.

Throughout his military career, Andy Stumpf undertook numerous combat deployments, displaying extraordinary bravery and leadership. His service not only earned him a place among the most elite soldiers in the world but also decorated him with five Bronze Star Medals, (4 with valor), the Purple Heart, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, The Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal with Valor, Three Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals, Two Combat Action Ribbons, and the presidential Unit Citation

Skydiving and World Records:

After his distinguished military service, Andy Stumpf turned his sights to the sky, channeling his relentless drive into skydiving and BASE jumping. His remarkable achievement of flying over 18 miles in a wingsuit from a jump of 36,500 feet not only set two World Records but also showcased his extraordinary ability to conquer challenges in the air. This feat was part of a broader effort to raise one million dollars for the Navy SEAL Foundation, underlining Stumpf's ongoing commitment to supporting his fellow service members.

Cleared Hot Podcast and Motivational Speaking:

Beyond the battlefield and skydiving exploits, Andy Stumpf has made a significant impact through his "Cleared Hot" podcast. The platform allows him to share his wealth of experience and insights on leadership, personal development, and the complexities of human nature. As a motivational speaker, Stumpf's narratives are infused with lessons from his diverse experiences, offering valuable perspectives on overcoming adversity, setting goals, and achieving success.