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From Heavy Metal to the Army, Rich Spalla Finds New Purpose with SIG SAUER
Rich Spalla, SIG SAUER Product Manager and Academy Instructor, sits down with Dustin to share his crazy life story from being in a heavy metal band, to creating the UFC theme song, then joining the Army later in life. Listen as Rich openly discusses the difficulties of transitioning out of the military and the importance of surrounding yourself with close friends and family you can count on. 
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Mentally Tough with Phil Kornachuk
Phil Kornachuk embodies the mentally tough mindset. After overcoming multiple challenges, the former Special Operations Ranger and Green Beret served in the U.S. Military for over 20 years before dedicating his career to helping others realize their own physical and mental strength. It’s an incredible story, and you won’t want to miss his conversation with MTNTOUGH.
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