Dustin Visits the GOHUNT HQ To Discuss Backcountry Readiness

While on his trip to UFC 300 Dustin jumped onto the BIG HUNT GUYS PODCAST hosted by our good buddies at GOHUNT.

 discuss the vital role of physical and mental fitness in both everyday life and hunting. The conversation covers the founding of MTNTOUGH, the direction the company is taking, and its future programs. They delve into preparing physically for the strenuous demands of a backpack elk hunt and debate the merits of different training approaches, including running and cardio, weightlifting, or a combination of both. Additionally, they talk about the importance of proper nutrition and supplements before a hunt and what to carry for optimal performance. This discussion is designed to motivate listeners and keep them focused on their hunting goals for the upcoming fall season.

Go Hunt Lorenzo

What is GOHUNT?

GOHUNT is a company dedicated to enhancing the hunting experience through innovative solutions. Established in 2013 to fill a gap in the Western hunting community, GOHUNT provides tools and resources tailored to hunters' specific needs. It offers industry-leading research tools to help hunters plan and prepare for their hunts, mapping platforms designed for both pre-hunt scouting and in-field navigation, and a rewarding loyalty program called GOHUNT Insider that allows hunters to save on expert-curated gear. The company aims to empower hunters to explore new territories, hunt different species, and expand their hunting skills, while fostering a strong community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for hunting.