Download The 60-Minute MTNTOUGH Heavy Pack Workout Designed To Prepare Your Body For the Demands of the Backcountry

Effective conditioning for hunting or playing in the backcountry is about much more than just "cardio." Honestly, most gym workouts don't translate well at all to increased performance in the high country.

That’s why we’ve been working in the lab to put together this 60-minute heavy pack workout.

If fact, this single workout is part of a full 90-day Hunting Program we’ve been testing behind the scenes for over a year (more to come on that later).

The truth is: many hunters, even those that may frequent the gym, don’t prepare their energy production system, core, and legs sufficiently to handle the demands of the mountains.

Unfit hunters fall behind fast and a "trip of a lifetime" can quickly turn into a nightmare or dangerous situation without proper conditioning.

The good news is regardless of where you live, you can prepare for the grueling physical demands of the backcountry easily without any expensive equipment or a costly gym membership.

All you need to crush this workout is:

  • A sandbag (or something heavy like it) from you local hardware store for $5
  • Any kind of a backpack to put the sandbag in...
  • And a public place to run… anything from your local high school track to the sidewalk will work.

One More Thing…

Once You Download This Heavy Pack Workout, You’ll Be Entered to Win The Same Stone Glacier Pack I Use in the Backcountry

Tell us where to send the workout below, then two things will happen:

1) We’ll email you the 60-minute heavy pack workout…
2) You’ll automatically be entered to win the Stone Glacier Xcurve Frame used in this workout, along with the SOLO 3300 pack (retail value of $604).

We’ll announce the winner of the pack on 3/30/2018.

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(Don’t worry, we hate spam too. Email address will be shared with Stone Glacier and used to contact winner.)

What Is MTN Tough Fitness Labs?

Ever since I was young, I noticed certain people had something others didn’t.  I saw it in their eyes. I wanted to know how they got it… and how to help other people get it.

So I brought in the best minds.  Navy SEAL’s. Army Rangers. Police and Fire. I worked with them side-by-side. And what I found is: It isn’t something they were born with…It’s something they had earned...

This thing I’ve been studying all these years. It’s called mental toughness. The ability to be push yourself beyond what most humans are capable of.

That’s why I built MTN Tough Fitness Lab... To be the best in the world at mental toughness.     

So you can be a quiet hero, or hunt in remote places...Ultimately, so you can have a better life.

There’s a saying... you’re only as good as those you sweat and bleed with.

My name is Dustin Diefenderfer…


And I invite you to come sweat and bleed with us…   

- Dustin Diefenderfer (Founder of MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab)