"Stay Dangerous"

MTNTOUGH has studied the topic of backcountry mental & physical performance perhaps at an unprecedented level.  We strive to find out what makes great mountain & military athletes tick. We study it, test it, unpack it, and then teach it to others. 

In our learnings we have found that one of our most important resources in determining short term success in challenging situations is energy.  It is the amount of energy we bring, to the precious time we have that often determines success from failure in the moment. It is determination. It is grit. It is mental focus and control.  

However, we have learned long term success for our MTNTOUGH athletes requires a different skill set…

And long term success through challenging situations is what I want to discuss here today. 

What we have learned is long term success is high performance that you are proud of.  

It is high performance with integrity over the long haul.  

It is high achievement with a balance. 

It is performing well while also being a better father, mother, boss, friend and community member.  

It is a “we not me” athlete. 

And it is the single best term I’ve learned this year...it is called the “Stay Dangerous” mentality referenced to us by a great man. 

The non-technical definition is a mindset & ethos where the treatment of others determines who you want to be, while you are here, and through this humility you find fulfillment over the long term versus short term success. 

A good way to broaden it a bit and think about it is this...

Think about your tombstone, and what you want to be written on it someday.

Would you want to say “This man was a collegiate all american wrestler in 2003.”  

Or would you want it to say “This man was a warrior and he trained many other warriors using everything he had learned. He treated every person he met with respect. He raised his children to be strong with utmost moral and ethical character. He was revered by his competitors and was always kind, giving and trustworthy. Even in his last days he served in his community.”

See the difference? 

The difference is the “Stay Dangerous” mentality.

I am sure you see this difference in some people more than others. It is not about the money.  It is not about winning. It is not clawing your way to the top while stepping on any person who may get in your way.

Instead, it is drive, discipline and mental toughness focused on sustained success at a high level over your lifespan leading to fulfillment that you are proud of. 

So what to do now?


- Dustin Diefenderfer