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Sheep hunter with ram
As hunters, we spend countless hours dialing in our weapons, gear, and vehicles while painstakingly poring over maps and every theoretical aspect of a hunt. Why then wouldn’t we extend the same dedication to mental and physical toughness?
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Bowhunter with elk
Lifelong backcountry hunter Jesse Nelson sits down in the Lab to discuss his recent experience with the all new MTNTOUGH+ KB20 program that can be competed anytime, anywhere.  Jesse is a sales rep for companies such as Hoyt & Easton Archery and has been taking his kettlebell with him on the road this year and completing the KB20 program on the go via the new MTNTOUGH+ app.
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Athlete doing pull ups
We all hate pull-ups. It is one of the hardest exercises to become proficient at. However we all have the capability to do it. In this video, MTNTOUGH Coach Jimmy explains the best way to start from nothing, and become good at them in as little as a month's time.
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Hunter in mountains. Mountain hunting fitness.
Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of stories about backcountry hunts ending early. But it’s not what you’d think. It’s usually not a life threatening injury… or a Grizzly Bear Attack… or dangerous weather. Instead, the most common story I hear about is about a guy struggling with pain, a nagging injury, or running out o..
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