Want To Be A Better Runner?... Run the Hills

MTNTOUGH Trainer Jimmy Alsobrook brings you this simple workout specifically designed to help you become a better runner without the impact of running 4-5 days per week. 

"Don't exhaust yourself on the first run! Find your pace and keep it through every round."

The Workout:
    The Workout: Max Rounds in 25 Minutes 
    • Treadmill Run - .25 Mile @10% Grade 
    • Clean & Jerks - 3
    • Pull-ups - 6
    • Burpees - 9

    If you have any questions about the form of these exercises, or specifics about the workout, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@mtntough.com.
    Give it a try and BE MTNTOUGH!

    MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab located in Bozeman, MT, has established itself as the elite source for improving mental toughness, physical preparation, and performance research for the backcountry hunter, military, and first responder athlete. 

    They have assembled an impressive team for this task, including Alex Fichtler (Former US Navy SEAL), Ara Megerdichian (US Army Ranger, Lieutenant Colonel and former West Point Instructor), and Jimmy Alsobrook (Mountain Training Legend & National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer).

    Lifelong backcountry hunter and MTNTOUGH’s founder, Dustin Diefenderfer, explains, “ We strive to find out what makes the excellent tick, and what gives them the indomitable, never quit, next ridgeline mentality and strength. We study it, measure it, test it, unpack it and then teach it to others.”