MTNTOUGH KB20 Testimonial - Archery Legend Jesse Nelson

"The MTNTOUGH KB20 workouts...just play the video in the app, and you go through the whole workout whether you like it or not. It pushes me to go that extra mile." ~ Jesse Nelson

Lifelong backcountry hunter Jesse Nelson sits down in the Lab to discuss his recent experience with the all new MTNTOUGH+ KB20 program that can be completed anytime, anywhere.  Jesse is a sales rep for companies such as Hoyt & Easton Archery and has been taking his kettlebell with him on the road this year and completing the KB20 program on the go via the new MTNTOUGH+ app. Take a listen as Jesse explains how he was able to get stronger, improve his cardio, and stay on track this year from the road.
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MTNTOUGH believes that mental toughness is just as important as physical strength and that the strongest muscle in the human body is the one between your ears. With a coaching staff comprised of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and renowned physical trainers—the workouts aren’t easy. The goal is to prepare clients for both the unthinkable and the everyday—to have the mental capacity and physical stamina to self-rescue in an emergency, or grind through a 12-hour workday and still play with the kids after dinner. Ara Megerdichian, MTNTOUGH coach and former U.S. Army officer and Ranger, believes the best way to harden the mind is by reaching and exceeding physical boundaries, by taking challenges once considered impossible and making them attainable and repeatable.