Mountain Training: A Beginner's Guide For The Gym

Introducing the MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation program  

So, you've been out of the gym for a while and just started training again for your first backcountry hunt or outdoor pursuit. Good for you! Or maybe you have been training for a while with minimal gear at home and you are ready to switch things up and add some increased weight to your regime at a gym. If you're new to the gym environment or certain pieces of equipment, getting your head around it all might feel a little daunting, overwhelming and intimidating. That is why we created the all new MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation program.
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How Does the MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation Program Work?

MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation: For those who are starting out in a gym environment or in their robust home gym, the Gym Foundation program starts from an elementary place and guides you through correct form and progresses with all our mountain specific staple exercises & movements.

  • The program is made up of 8 Weeks in total that will progressively take you through the basics from beginner to intermediate in your mountain training.
  • Each daily workout session is One Hour, focusing on a specific element of functional mountain training, with Jimmy & Sarah leading you through an introduction, tutorial, and self-guided workout.
  • 4 Workouts Per Week. Stick to the 4 sessions per week and you can repeat sessions as many times as you need to nail the movements before moving to a more advanced program.

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    What are the benefits of MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation?

    We leveraged years of research & development plus everything we learned from our Minimal Gear Foundation Program and our Backcountry Hunter Programs to create MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation.

    This program is all about backcountry performance and is specifically designed for a beginner to medium level athletes. This program will concentrate on the following three areas.

    • Gym Equipment - Introduce gym equipment to learn form and functional movements to improve backcountry performance.

    • Work Capacity - Work capacity, in essence, increases the amount your body is used to recovering from. High work capacity is ideal for a backcountry hunter who needs to perform for 7-10 days in a row under stress, or any outdoor athlete who needs to perform at a high level all season in rugged terrain.

    • Full Body Strength - This will be a combination of upper body, lower body, and core strength to improve overall durability and endurance in the mountains.

    • Cardio & Flexibility - Improved cardiovascular system and flexibility to be able to push further with faster recovery times.

    • Mental Toughness - The foundation of all our programming, our goal is create a resilient athlete that is prepared to overcome adversity.

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    So are you ready to transform your life and your training? MTNTOUGH Gym Foundation is live and you can start the first workout today. Begin your 14-day free trial to get started today!

    MTNTOUGH+ is far more than just a fitness app. In addition to the large repertoire of programs to cover all your physical, mental, and spiritual needs, we offer a nutritional course, educational content for the mountain athlete lifestyle, and exclusive podcasts featuring leaders in fitness, hunting, the military, and more.
    Going all in on every aspect of our health makes us whole and allows us to perform at our highest level and enjoy every minute we have of every day. The MTNTOUGH formula means staying fit life, and we are driven every day to deliver impactful solutions to our community to help you realize your full potential.