Military Pack Test: Accessory Workout 2

By Jimmy Alsobrook Jr., MTNTOUGH Trainer

If you haven’t tried the MTNTOUGH Military Pack Test (M.M.P.T.), the full workout is up on our blog. This continues to be a transformative workout for the military community, and we hope you incorporate it into your training.

We followed up the M.M.P.T. with an Accessory Workout series designed to round out your training. M.M.P.T Accessory Workout #1 focused on explosive, functional strength, and #2 takes it even further. The second installment of the MTNTOUGH Military Pack Test Accessory Workouts further diversifies your physical and mental strength training. These workouts build explosive, functional strength throughout your body and hone the mental toughness needed to endure the rigors of military training.


Be sure to track all of your rounds so you have a baseline to work from as you advance through the M.M.P.T. and return to the Accessory Workouts. Good luck, and stay dangerous!


  • Heavy sandbag
  • Box or sturdy cooler
  • Medball
  • Pullup bar
  • A tire (We recommend a sturdy, solid tractor tire.)
  • Sledge hammer
  • Cardio machine (if you are unable to run)


  • Level 1: Male, 100-120 pounds / Female, 40-50 pounds
  • Level 2: Male, 130-150 pounds / Female, 60-70 pounds
  • Level 3: Male, 160-200 pounds / Female, 80-120 pounds


60 minutes AMRAP


Start a timer and run a quarter mile. If you are unable to run due to weather conditions or an injury, burn 20 calories on the cardio machine that works best for you.

Lateral Med Ball Tosses X 5 Per Side

In Accessory #2 we talked about the importance of the transverse plane, which is where  injuries commonly occur. The med ball tosses add mobility and strength across your core, hips, and back in this transverse plane of motion These are meant to be explosive and quick. Laterally toss the med ball as hard as you can each rep for a total of 5 reps per side. 

Sandbag Carry / Right Shoulder X 100 Meters


After med ball tosses, we slow the momentum down. Grab a sandbag from the ground and throw onto your right shoulder – walk 100 meters. This simulates carrying a human. Don’t throw the bag down, bring the bag down under control back to the ground. This is going to help you learn to control awkward, cumbersome loads. Make sure you’re focusing on great form from start to finish.

Bag-Over Burpees with Push-Ups X 6

Complete a strict burpee (with a pushup). Then, perform a lateral, two-foot hop over your sandbag - taking off two feet and landing on two feet. Don’t just step over it. This will challenge your agility and explosiveness while under fatigue. 

Sandbag Carry / Left Shoulder X 100 Meters

Switching to your left shoulder, carry the sandbag home to where you started. This is the exact same as the right shoulder carry. Remember to maintain control as you set the sandbag back down to the ground. 

Box Jumps X 5

Once you set the sandbag down from your left shoulder, complete five explosive box jumps. This will challenge your core and ability to be powerful under fatigue.

Tire Sledge Hammer Throws X 5


These are the same as in the M.M.P.T. Accessory Workout #1. Sledgehammer throws will challenge your coordination and rotational power through the trunk. Same as before, bring as much power down onto the tire as you can. Pretend you’re driving a stake into the ground to help train the body to handle loads in all planes of motion. This is huge for your overall functional strength.

Knees to Elbows X 5

As you hang from the bar, flex your glutes and then quickly drive your knees to your elbows. This movement requires solid shoulder strength, core, and grip strength, all elements we are looking to improve for the M.M.P.T. 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 60 minutes. How many rounds did you complete? Track your progress and let us know how you improve week to week!