LtCol Byron Owen: The Battle for Shewan - Outnumbered, Yet Victorious, No Americans Lost

In Today's episode Byron recounts The Battle of Shewan: August 8, 2008 Thirty Marines bravely fought back waves of Taliban fighters for over eight hours of vicious close-quarters combat, suffering hour after hour of withering enemy fire and countless volleys of RPG, mortar, and rocket fire.

One by one, their crew served weapons ran dry as the battle raged on until the last remaining magazines were re-distributed, and the thirty men conducted a devastating counterattack against the numerically superior and entrenched Taliban force that collapsed their left flank and sparked a panic amongst the enemy.

These Reconnaissance Marines fought past the point of exhaustion to continue their relentless assault until the Taliban were driven from the battlefield, leaving the city littered with spent casings, scarred buildings, and the broken bodies of the enemy. No Americans were killed during the fighting.

Byron Owen started his Marine Corps career in the infantry, before transitioning to the intelligence field, then later cyber. He commanded multiple units during this time, including 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, Cyberspace Warfare Task Group 2, and 3d Radio Battalion. Byron is also the founder and editor in chief of Key Terrain Cyber, a professional journal dedicated to the study of information warfare. He is a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and triple Purple Heart recipient.

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