Military Pack Test: Accessory Workout 3

By Jimmy Alsobrook Jr., MTNTOUGH Trainer

The MTNTOUGH Military Pack Test (M.M.P.T.) raised the bar for military workouts, and we’re honored to see so many people incorporating it into their military training. We launched the M.M.P.T. Accessory Workouts to create a comprehensive, full-body military workout program that our servicemen and women can use to advance in the M.M.P.T. When paired together, this entire program will truly take your physical and mental strength to the next level. 

Accessory #3 completes this program. You can access M.M.P.T. Accessory #1 here and M.M.P.T. Accessory #2 here.

We’re not letting you off easy on M.M.P.T. Accessory #3. This is an arm-busting, leg-breaking, cardio-heavy beast of a workout. We want you to finish strong so you can go back to the M.M.P.T. ready to crush your previous best.

Remember, there is no singular goal here. The M.M.P.T. and its accessory workouts are designed to challenge your entire body — both physically and mentally. You’re going to gain more endurance, a stronger core, more explosive power, enhanced load capacity, and attain the mental toughness needed to thrive in the face of any challenge. We have tested and revamped these workouts to provide the ultimate program to strategically catapult your results for the M.M.P.T. Nothing is willy nilly.

Several areas of your fitness will be challenged here and we can guarantee one thing: If you take on the M.M.P.T. and its accessory workouts, you’re going to be an absolute beast. Here is your third and final installment to the M.M.P.T. program…



  • Heavy Dumbbells
  • SkiErg, Row Machine, or Bike


To begin, go 10 pounds heavier in each hand than you would for your M.M.P.T. For example, if you are completing the M.M.P.T. with 50-pound dumbbells, you will begin Accessory #3 with 60-pound dumbbells.


Four total rounds of Farmer Carry and Ski Erg. Each round you will use progressively less weight to achieve more time under tension, thus challenging your grip strength endurance. Keep track of your total drops. 

Farmer Carry X .25 Mile (use 10 pounds more in each arm than your M.M.P.T. weight)

  • If you use 50-pound dumbbells for the M.M.P.T., use 60-pound dumbbells for this first set. Keep track of how long this carry takes. 

Ski Erg (match your farmer carry time)

  • Complete the Ski Erg for however long it took you to carry your first set of Farmer Carry. You may also use a rower or a bike if you do not have access to a Ski Erg. 

Farmer Carry X .25 Mile (10 pounds lighter than round 1)

  • Track your time. If you used 60-pound dumbbells on your first carry, you will use 50s for this set.

Ski Erg (match your second farmer carry time)

Farmer Carry X .25 Mile (10 pounds lighter than round 2)

  • Track your time. If you used 50-pound dumbbells on your second carry, you will use 40s for this set.

Ski Erg (match your third farmer carry time)

Farmer Carry X .25 Mile  (10 pounds lighter than round 3)

  • Track your time. If you used 40-pound dumbbells on your third carry, you will use 30s for this last set. 

Ski Erg (match your fourth farmer carry time) 

Let us know how you do!