Capt. Luke Ebeling: Winner of 2023 The Best Ranger Competition

On the MTNTOUGH Podcast we are joined by Luke Ebling, who has an incredible story to share. Luke emerged as the winner of the prestigious best Ranger competition last year, which is an exceptional achievement. What makes his victory even more remarkable is that he and his teammate managed to win the competition on their very first attempt, which is extremely rare. Many people consider the best Ranger competition to be the military equivalent of the Olympics. It is an incredibly challenging event, comparable to a highly intense Spartan race on steroids. The competition lasts for three days, during which participants have minimal sleep, rest, and food. In addition to the physical and mental challenges, competitors also have to navigate through various tactical marksmanship courses. They are evaluated based on their physical performance, time, and shooting skills. Many individuals spend years training in an attempt to win this competition, but Luke and his teammate achieved victory in their debut appearance. In our conversation, we delve into Luke's experience, including his training regimen, preparation, and the journey leading up to his success. It is worth mentioning that Luke attended Montana State University in Bozeman, establishing a unique connection to our community. Overall, his story is truly inspiring and remarkable.

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