All Programs Are Included In Your MTNTOUGH+ Membership

Home Gym Daily Workouts

30-45 min new home gym workout every weekday. It's like you have your own personal trainer in your home gym. A simplified approach, just turn on the workout and follow along with a coach and an athlete. The workouts are optimized for the small home gym or attending a fitness facility with standard equipment.

Train With Minimal Gear

30-45 Min New Workouts every week day. No overthinking it. Just jump in and get moving. All you need is a step up, dumbbells, Kettlebell and pull up bar. The workouts are fully coached and you can follow along with two athletes to inspire you to push yourself through every minute.

Stretch Every Day

Finished with your workout? Take 5-mins to improve your stretching and mobility. You won't regret investing in this aspect of fitness. Turn on the workout and get guided mobility flows that can be a daily routine or a supplement to your regiment.

Improve Performance With Nutrition

Don’t sign up for a fad diet as part of your preseason prep. Try MTN NUTRITION, our latest science-based program, that takes the guesswork out of nutritional success for mountain athletes.

Rev Up Power/Strength

"MORE KETTLEBELL!" You asked, We delivered. KB Diesel is a powerhouse program challenging the elite mountain athlete or turning an intermediate athlete into an elite one. Our promise? It will make you the sweatiest yet.

Challenge Yourself

Make your discomfort work for you, not against. Fully Coached, the MOUNTAIN pushes the boundaries of mental toughness to a whole new level with its strategy-based four-week, five-day program that will yank you out of your comfort zone and bring you to the brink of failure – and only make you want to succeed even more. 

Pack On Functional Muscle

Take your training to a new level with MTN STRENGTH, our new dedicated strength training program for hunters, military members and mountain athletes. Led by Major Donny Bigham, this six-week program will challenge you in new ways so you stay mountain ready year-round.

Backcountry Hunter Year Round Mission Specific


A flagship product, the 80 day Backcountry Hunter Preseason Prep program is the #1 online training program for the mountain hunter with thousands of hours of testing and design on the worlds most dedicated backcountry hunters. If you are hunting rugged terrain, at high elevation, for multiple days.


The Backcountry Hunter Postseason program is designed to build the optimal athlete, making you as powerful, as strong, and as functional as you can be. It is really about developing an all-around unstoppable backcountry hunter.


The Backcountry Hunter Spring Training Camp program is designed to get you to your ideal bodyweight for optimal performance without losing the muscle & strength you built during the postseason. Cut fat, not muscle, and build game changing cardio.


The MTNTOUGH In-Season program is specifically built and tested for the backcountry hunter to maintain/gain strength and to reduce injury in mountain hunting season.

Additional Programs

30mins/Day Train With No Gear

Our most requested bodyweight program ever - completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. This is your anytime, anywhere solution for becoming MTNTOUGH.

MTNTOUGH's Famous Kettlebell Program

KB20 is a ground breaking 4 week program that can be done anywhere with just one kettlebell. This is our first ever coached format, not self-guided. Stay motivated as you work alongside and compete with the athletes in the MTNTOUGH Lab. If you train at home and are looking to take things to the next level this is the program for you.

Entry Level

We created this program for anyone who needs a kickstart – to get moving and take that first step. We will guide you through the groundwork needed to do any of our other programs. This program requires no gear – nothing but your body and a little space to move around in. Three workouts a week for two weeks  anyone can get this entire program done during a free trial. After this program you can move on to On-Ramp Minimal Gear.

Entry Level

MINIMAL GEAR ON-RAMP eliminates the intimidation factor when it comes to starting with MTNTOUGH . All it takes to complete this two-week, three-day per week program is your commitment and a few essentials you likely already own. After this program you can move to Minimal Gear Foundation.

Entry Level

GYM ON-RAMP was built to eliminate the intimidation of navigating the ins and outs of fitness equipment in a public setting. This two week self-guided program cuts through the confusion of using basic fitness equipment found in most gyms through a series of functional, dynamic movements that deliver a full body workout. After this program you can move on to the Gym Foundation program.


Minimal Gear Foundation is a four-week program that can be repeated over and over or used as a transition to more rigorous programs. This fully coached workout is designed to get you off the couch and into a rhythm whether you’re a beginner, recovering from an injury, or getting back into good fitness habits. Focusing on functional movements and improved flexibility at a pace you can handle.


Gym Foundation is an 8 week program that lays the groundwork for most of MTNTOUGH’s other gym programs. This program is 4 days a week, two strength days, and two conditioning days. . Each day is performed circuit-style, performing 3-5 exercises per block. You will see each movement several times throughout the 8 weeks in order to conquer our most fundamental exercises. The workouts will change slightly every 2 weeks to ensure progressive overload. After this program you can move into the other gym programs: Backcountry Hunter Series, or Pre-Deployment.

Revolutionary Sandbag Training

Even the most badass mountain athlete needs to keep things interesting for continued progress. MTNTOUGH SB20 x GORUCK will challenge you in ways other programs haven’t – welcome to the next level in your fitness game.

Mission Ready Tactical Workout Program

The 12-week self guided MTNTOUGH Pre-deployment Program is built for, and with the help of active members of US Special Operation Forces, for their specific needs. With two solid years of testing and developing this is one of our best and popular programs among the tactical community.

High Intensity Conditioning

The Elite Spring program is for the needed edge to accomplish any goal or high elevation mission. This program is a product of two years of testing on some of the worlds most dedicated mountain hunters, special operations personnel, smokejumpers and hotshots.

Self Guided Military Heavy Pack Program

The 45-70 was initially designed for active-duty military personnel locked down with zero access to a gym or equipment, but still needed to be prepared for rugged terrain & high elevation operations under the load of heavy packs.

Follow Along Pack Program

The HP20 heavy pack program is a 4 week coached program that requires your pack, some sandbags, a box and a pull-up bar. It is a beast that simulates a successful backcountry hunt and lets you know if you are currently physically & mentally ready for the mountain.

60 60 Min No Gear Workouts

A 12 week program of 60 minute workouts requiring nothing but a pullup bar. This is a step up from our 30-30 program, and the next evolution of no gear training.

Build Mental Toughness

MTNTOUGH Mindset is a groundbreaking new program wholly designed to give our community practical, powerful tools to build mental toughness and make meaningful impact in their lives. This 10-day Mental Toughness Program was built in partnership with our good friend Phil Kornachuk.

Physical Therapy

We collaborated with Dr. Tom Walters to create MTN PT. Our goal is to give the MTNTOUGH community tools and skills to address injury and stay healthier and more mobile as we age. Whether you are dealing with ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, lower back, or spine issues, MTNPT will give you great methods to prevent injury and recovery strategies to recover from an injury or build resilience.

Stretching / Yoga Flows

MTNMVMT serves our community’s requests for programming to supplement other MTNTOUGH workouts for improved range of motion, accelerated recovery, reduced stress, and improved mental well-being. Trainer Heather Leigh has been a trainer focused on functional movement, mobility, breathwork, and meditation for 25 years. Whether it’s to help reduce pain, recover from an injury, or to improve mindfulness and reduce stress, Heather has helped thousands of people to improve their lives.

Become A Better Person

Brian guides us through weekly messages that will require commitment and accountability, but each session will leave us with a tangible sense of purpose and fulfillment. Best of all, we will all be in it together, holding each other accountable, and engaging with Brian throughout. Like he says, “Iron sharpens iron.”

Self Correct Your Form

FORM LAB is MTNTOUGH’s new biomechanical baseline assessment program. Join powerlifting world champion and Tactical Strength Coach Major Donny Bigham as he coaches athletes through 12 core exercises to improve form, increase performance and prevent injuries for the long haul. 

The Most Important Step Is Starting In The Right Program

The mind is your most important muscle in challenging situations. Our programs, developed by former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and top physical trainers to make you mentally tough and functionally fit. Conquer any challenge, from hunts to deployments to being a better and healthier person. Try our free trial today for improved readiness for life's mountains. With MTNTOUGH, you will be Always Ready for any mountain ahead. Join the dedicated, start today.