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Dave Brinker

Host of The Altitude Show Podcast

“I was out of shape, drinking too much, depressed, and anxious. By adding the MTNTOUGH Program into my life changes, my mental and physical health has never been greater. At 42 I thought I was too old to make drastic changes to my habits. That is a lie. It’s never too late.” 

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About Dave

Dave Brinker's life was saved by his passion for the outdoors/hunting, making music, and through his entrepreneurial spirit. Dave brings his diverse background and unique perspective to the Altitude Show Podcast via interview style deep dives into the background stories of inspiring people, and provocative discussions about life's greatest challenges.  This podcast is for those who crave more adventure, want to innovate their future, simply grow as a human, and push the Altitude of what they are capable of.  

Dave's Guest Appearance on the MTNTOUGH Podcast