Warrior Mindset - Lead Where You Are

After 20 Years Training Elite Soldiers, MTNTOUGH COO, Retired Army Ranger Lieutenant Colonel and United States Military Academy Physical Education Instructor, Ara Megerdichian discusses Leading No Matter Where You Are.

"A lot of folks want to make a difference, but we don't think we can make a difference. So that's false. Every one of us has the opportunity to make a difference, although we may not realize how. So I want you to think about things. The Warrior Mindset leads to excellence, excellence in everything you do. When you push to excellence, you're going to have an impact. There's no way around that. And when you start having an impact on those around you, that impact spreads. And it starts to make a difference in your environment. When you start making a difference in your environment, you leave a legacy behind. And that's what I've noticed with warriors. Everywhere they go, they make a difference. When they leave, the place is different than when they walked in. It's better."