The business of life had gotten to him...

Nate is one of the toughest guys I know.

A few summers ago, he climbed the “Grand” -- the highest peak in Grand Teton National Park -- with no climbing experience... just tagged along with some highly trained climbers and was able to hang with them to the top.

Then he decided to sweep an ultra-marathon called “The Devil's Backbone” that's up in postcard elk country at 9,000 feet after a couple of his friends, some of the best ultra marathoners in town, asked him to join them.

And last fall, he killed an incredible bull deep in the backcountry by himself… and packed it out solo.

He’s just a gritty guy that’s up for anything and has the mental toughness to get it done.

But he wasn’t always like that.

When I first met Nate, he was busy running an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic, raising two active kids.

He was carrying an extra 30 lbs, in his mid-40’s, and elk hunting was starting to get hard.  He wasn’t able to hunt the way he used too.

The busyness of life had gotten to him.  The stress had gotten to him…

When Nate started coming to MTNTOUGH, a switch flipped inside him.  He become a completely different man.

He dropped 30 pounds in those first couple months.

Then over the next 18 months, he turned into a complete mental toughness leader. A guy that can grind through almost any workout while he encourages everybody around him. Nothing slows him down. Nothing really stops him.

That led to the Grand Teton climb and the ultra-marathon adventures.

But it’s the story of the bull that gives you an idea of who he’s become.

He was with a few buddies and they kept pushing further and further into some deep backcountry.

His buddies stopped, ran out of gas, and wouldn't go any further. So Nate ended up pushing even farther back on his own and killed that bull.

And because his buddies had aborted the mission, he ended up killing that bull by himself and then packing it out solo.

So it is a cool story about how his drive, mental toughness, and physical condition allowed him to kill that bull after his buddies quit on him.

I have so much respect for Nate and how he’s transformed his life these last few years.

Undoubtedly, my favorite thing about Nate is he is an amazing father and is constantly taking his two kids on wild adventures.

He is the epitome of MTNTOUGH.


One of my favorite books is called “Wild At Heart.”

It’s this idea that men are wired to be in the wild, adventurous, risk takers, and when you start taking that away from us, suppress it or ignore it, life goes down hill.

When we were kids, we we’re naturally playing with sticks and mud and dirt. Taking risks and being wild.

Then we all grow up, get comfortable, start making good money, but our soul’s start withering away, getting destroyed from the inside.

Comfort becomes the killer.

We’re not pushing our limits. Not facing our fears. Not going on adventures.

We fall into complacency, depression, and darkness because we stop doing the things we really are wired to do.

The author of the book, John Eldredge writes: “For after years of living in a cage, a lion no longer even believes it is a lion… and a man no longer believes he is a man.”

Becoming MTNTOUGH is about owning that part of ourselves.

It isn’t just something for elite athletes...

In fact, most of the guys I look up to and would call MTNTOUGH are just regular guys like Nate.

Because becoming MTNTOUGH has more to do with mental toughness and ability to push yourself beyond what most people are capable of.

It has more to do with your ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

To persevere.

To never give up.

To go to that next level.

So you can do things most people can’t do.

So you can face your fears.

So you can go on the hunts that make you feel alive.

So you can be that devoted parent.

So you can become that person others look up to.

That others admire and follow.

Becoming MTNTOUGH is about getting better every single day so you can lead the life that you really want too, not the one that you have too.

Are You Ready?

“All men die; few men ever really live.”

That’s one of the best quotes from Wild At Heart.

I believe it to be true.

And if you’re ready to become part of a new type of community that’s never been done before… and transform your body and mind into a backcountry athlete, I invite you to come join us.

That’s why we created The 4-Month MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Preseason Program… to take you through the same journey Nate experienced no matter where you live.  

To help you become the best version of you.

REMINDER: 2019 Enrollment closes on June 15th.

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My best,

- Dustin

P.S. - Nate shared this with me this past year:

“The last few years I found myself engulfed in work, and not putting any importance on my physical well being. I've tried workouts here and there. A mishmash of cardio, weights, with virtually zero results in my early 40s. I noticed when I was in the field, which I'm lucky enough to live in Montana's great big back outdoors, that I was having issues. I felt weak.

I gained self confidence through the MTNTOUGH program. While most importantly to me, especially in my line of work, without sustaining any injuries. I spend a lot of my time treating people that have overdone it in either crossfit or high intensity training programs.

I’m really looking forward to this hunting season, and trying to go beyond where I was at last year. Find a bigger bull, and a worst spot than it was last year. Dustin's done a fantastic job with his program, and the team he's surrounded him with. Alex and Ara, in particular, are great additions to his program.”  - Nate Naperstek