Minimal Gear Daily Workouts - The Most Convenient Way to Get Mountain Ready

We are bringing these workouts from the MTNTOUGH whiteboard straight to your house. There's a new workout every single weekday. No overthinking it. Just jump in and get moving. Each workout is 30-40 minutes and designed to perform daily Monday through Friday. The workouts are fully coached and you can follow along with two athletes to inspire you to push yourself through every minute.

How Does the MTNTOUGH Minimal Gear Daily Work?

Gyms are too crowded, kids are sleeping and you need to be at home, whatever the issue is, Minimal Gear Daily provides a convenient solution to get ready for any mountain adventure, from your home with minimal equipment needed.

  • The program is made up of continual workouts, a new one posted every weekday what focus on endurance, mobility and agility needed for functional mountain exertion.
  • Each daily workout session is 30-40 minutes, focusing on a specific element of functional mountain training, with Sarah leading you through an introduction, specific warm-up, fully coached workout and cool-down.
  • 5 Workouts Per Week. A brand new workout and video is posted every weekday, will Fridays remaining live the entire weekend so you can either come back to it, or grind it out on a Saturday or Sunday

    What are the benefits of Minimal Gear Dailies?

    We've leveraged years of research & development, feedback from our customers, plus everything we learned from our other coached programs, like our Kettlebell (KB20), Heavy Pack (HP20 and Foundation (Minimal Gear FDN) programs to bring you Minimal Gear Dailies

    This program is all about functional performance for mountain and military athletes and is specifically designed for intermediate to elite level athletes. This program will concentrate on the following three areas.

    • Minimal Gear - All you'll every need to do these workouts are dumbbells, a ketllebell, box (we use coolers) and a pull-up bar. Not all days require all gear, some are bodyweight, but if you have those in your house, you are ready to rock.

    • Work Capacity - Work capacity, in essence, increases the amount your body is used to recovering from. High work capacity is ideal for a backcountry hunter who needs to perform for 7-10 days in a row under stress, or any outdoor athlete who needs to perform at a high level all season in rugged terrain.

    • Full Body Strength - This will be a combination of upper body, lower body, and core strength to improve overall durability and endurance in the mountains.

    • Cardio & Flexibility - Improved cardiovascular system and flexibility to be able to push further with faster recovery times.

    • Mental Toughness - The foundation of all our programming, our goal is create a resilient athlete that is prepared to overcome adversity.

    • Convenience - Short workouts, new every day, with minimal gear... this is the most convenient way to get mountain ready. Only 30-40 minutes a day, following along with our athletes, listening to coaching cues from our trainers, all you need to do is hit play.

    So are you ready to transform your life and your training? MTNTOUGH Minimal Gear Daily is live and you can start the first workout today. Begin your 14-day free trial to get started today!

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    Going all in on every aspect of our health makes us whole and allows us to perform at our highest level and enjoy every minute we have of every day. The MTNTOUGH formula means staying fit life, and we are driven every day to deliver impactful solutions to our community to help you realize your full potential.