Now a Hunter Has a Way to Train Specifically For Hunting

In my day to day job, I do a lot of competitive shooting, a lot of military training and things like that. So being in good shape does nothing but help me in every aspect of life.

The mix of cardio and strength training is very key for the mountains, and MTNTOUGH obviously has identified that, because it's not just a strength deal of being able to pick up a massive amount of weight, and it's not only moving your body on a 5 or 10-mile run, but it's a good all-around tool to get you ready for a hunt.

It's a very specific thing.

You see sprinters training a certain way.

You see marathon runners training weight.

You see Olympic lifters train a certain way.

Now a hunter has a way to train for stuff that he's going to see and he's going to be tested on.

I'm going to be tested on being able to pick up heavy amounts of meat, hopefully, and carry it out of the woods on my back.

And that's what MTNTOUGH prepared me to do.

- Daniel Horner

Team SIG Pro Shooter // Team SIG Hunting // World Champion Shooter // SFC U.S. Army // USAMU



P.s. - If you're interested in reading more about the program Daniel used to train for his elk hunt check it out here