Backcountry Trip Food Planning Calorie Calculator

MTNTOUGH Teamed up with our Nutrition Coach Kyle Kamp and Remi Warren to bring you a new Free Backcountry Food Calculator to help you estimate your caloric burn and what food types to pack depending on exertion and difficulty levels. The calculator is more sophisticated than the prior calculator we made a few years back, which was based on an old military model that we felt was not tailored to backcountry trips. This new calculator considers specific factors and tailored to mountain athletes. We hope this helps you be better and more effective in the backcountry.

Get the free calculator here:
Directions on how to use the calculator are detailed on the main page of the spreadsheet. Please don't request share access, as share access would give you access to the root file. Read the directions on how to get a workable version for yourself on the main page:  
>> Backcountry Food Planner

Watch the Podcast below where Dustin, Kyle, and Remi review the topic of backcountry nutrition and go over the calculator and how to use it.

You also should consider getting your everyday life nutrition in order.

At MTNTOUGH our subscription offers not only fitness programs, we also offer a detailed nutrition coaching program lead by our dietitian/nutritionist Kyle Camp: 

MTN NUTRITION fits seamlessly into your preseason prep because we all know that solid sustenance will only make you stronger. Nutrition is often misunderstood, especially when inundated with fad diets and food trends. This is why MTNTOUGH teamed up with Kyle Kamp, a registered and licensed dietitian, so he can break down the nuances of quality nutrition for outdoor adventurers. Through this program, Kamp covers the importance of setting realistic dietary goals for short-term and long-term success specifically for mountain athletes. He also provides the tools to complete a nutrition audit, discusses meal timing and frequency as well as supplements, hydration and sleep. Learn how to customize an individual dietary plan for an upcoming hunt or for post-hunt recovery. We don’t want to tell you to skip your favorite foods or eat something you hate. Instead, MTN NUTRITION provides a baseline to navigate the food choices already in your fridge or pantry to make the best decision based upon what’s available.

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