Adam Weatherby on Hunting, Faith, Fitness & Managing a Multigenerational Family Company

When Adam Weatherby’s grandfather Roy started Weatherby Sporting Goods in 1945, his focus was on developing the fastest hunting rifle cartridge in the world. What began as an obsession in a small shop in southern California has evolved into a multi-million dollar company headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming with nearly 100 employees. It is a quintessential American company, and the name Weatherby is now synonymous with premier hunting firearms and the sporting way of life.

Adam Weatherby is carrying the torch as the third Weatherby generation to lead the company, and he has been at the helm through Weatherby’s migration to Wyoming and its unprecedented growth. Adam, his family, and his Weatherby team have worked hard to balance the company’s growth while keeping its compass firmly pointed toward the innovation, hunting traditions, and family-oriented management that has guided Weatherby since its inception.

Adam and several members of his team dropped by the MTNTOUGH Lab for a workout, and Adam took some time to sit down with Dustin to talk about the Weatherby journey. The conversation covered Weatherby’s origins, the move to Wyoming and finding a new place and community there, the company’s exponential growth, how hunting informs Weatherby’s research and development, Weatherby’s future, family, faith, mental toughness, and of course, guns.

It’s an inspiring American story, and it’s up now in MTNTOUGH+.