Warrior Mindset - Value

After 20 Years Training Elite Soldiers, MTNTOUGH COO, Retired Army Ranger Lieutenant Colonel and United States Military Academy Physical Education Instructor, Ara Megerdichian discusses Consistent Values.

So, I heard T.D. Jakes once say that, "Value is demonstrated by sacrifice." And I want you to think about that this week. And I want to think about... I want you to think about what's valuable enough to you that you're willing to sacrifice for it. One of the things I hear a lot that I really struggle with, the reason I do what I do is I really want people to understand that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. None of us are superhuman unless you're Dustin, then he's superhuman. But in my case, I am not a Superman. I've been blessed to do a lot of different things in my life, and I want other people to experience that, breaking those ceilings and getting through, and turning those ceilings into floors. But one of the things I hear a lot is, "Hey Ara, of course, you can do that. You're an Airborne Ranger. You can do things like this."