Warrior Mindset: Tighten Your Shot Group Pt. 3

"And that purpose is tied to each of these roles. Remember, you identified your boats, your roles, your personal roles, your professional ones, and the ones you're passionate about. Well, now you've got a purpose in each of those. You got a purpose as a father, you've got a purpose as a husband. There is value to your marriage. There is value to those you influence. You've got professional roles and there is a value to those. But what's your purpose in those roles? Same thing with a passion. Why am I doing this right here? What's the purpose behind it? What am I trying to accomplish? So why am I here? I've got a purpose in this moment for each one of those roles. I've got a process. What am I working on, on myself in this chapter? Remember we talked about ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, our personality, our experiences." - Ara

Ara is a retired military officer and Army Ranger. He’s led some of the toughest and best soldiers in the world, trained Rangers and paratroopers, and taught physical education at the United States Military Academy. He believes in pushing the limits of physical, mental, and emotional endurance to find the strength to turn walls into hurdles: “Every time you find a ceiling…it becomes your next floor – so break through it, stand up, and get ready to drive further.”