Warrior Mindset: Tighten Your Shot Group Pt. 2

"Also, I've got self. Every person has strengths and weaknesses. We kind of look at this as fluffy stuff, but it's not. I've noticed with warriors, warriors know their strengths, and they know their weaknesses. You know something? They are willing to have confidence and build these strengths, but they are ruthless on their weaknesses. This is a key aspect of warriors. They do not accept their weaknesses. They accept them as far as the fact that I've got them, but they don't just make excuses for them. They are working on them. That's why this becomes so important, folks. I cannot dial this in until I'm willing to identify my strengths and my weaknesses, and then have a purpose and working on these. If I just accept that they're there, and leave them there, then I'm really not making progress. I've noticed with warriors, they are ruthless on their weaknesses and they capitalize on their strengths." - Ara

Ara is a retired military officer and Army Ranger. He’s led some of the toughest and best soldiers in the world, trained Rangers and paratroopers, and taught physical education at the United States Military Academy. He believes in pushing the limits of physical, mental, and emotional endurance to find the strength to turn walls into hurdles: “Every time you find a ceiling…it becomes your next floor – so break through it, stand up, and get ready to drive further.”