In-Season Workout Program for Hunters

You trained all year for hunting season. It’s finally here, and now you’re grinding out rugged mountain miles week after week. It may feel like the time to let up on your training, but you’re losing critical cardio endurance and strength on those long hunts. Sticking to a solid routine will help to hold your conditioning and keep you operating at peak form all season long.

We created the In-Season Program to help our athletes pivot from their pre-season training regimens to a practical set of workouts that pay huge dividends during the marathon that is hunting season. This program focuses on recovering strength and cardio between hunts while offering the flexibility needed to adapt your busy schedule to accommodate work, family, and your time in the mountains.

Hunting is still the focus of the In-Season Program, and the workouts are a supplement to the hunt. But if you can commit to working this program into your weekly routine between hunts, you will go into the mountains ready to operate at your highest level on every outing so that you can capitalize on every opportunity possible.

Here’s how it works:

You adapt the program to your week with two strength days per week on Days 1 and 3, or you can combine them into a longer Day 1 if you’re short on time. These workouts are your priority. Then you take a secondary day on Day 2 and a flush day one day prior to your hunt for Day 4. If you’re not hunting on Day 5, you’re wearing a pack and boots to road march 10 miles. We ramp up strength and intensity as you go so you’re fully primed for long days in the field every week.

The In-Season Program is available in the MTNTOUGH+ app, and you can try it risk-free with our 14-day free trial. Plus, we’re offering our favorite In-Season Program workout — W1D1 — for free below so you can get started today.

Good luck and stay dangerous!