January 17, 2025

Join us at Sheep Show! We are giving away an August 2025 Dall Sheep hunt with Stan Steven's Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters! All you have to do is register and complete this workout to be entered into the drawing. Sponsored by Yeti

2025 TOUGH SHEEP Workout

Sponsored by Yeti

The 2025 TOUGH SHEEP Workout is designed to simulate the challenges and mental toughness required for a sheep hunt. Participants will face a rigorous workout that mirrors the rugged terrain and physical demands of a sheep hunt. The emphasis will be on completing the workout, rather than competition, highlighting the perseverance and determination needed for success in both the workout and a sheep hunt.

This event will raise a large amount of money for wild sheep conservation, providing vital support for your organization's efforts to preserve and enhance wild sheep populations and their habitats. Additionally, the event will raise awareness about the importance of conservation and the challenges facing wild sheep.

MTNTOUGH is committed to making this event a success and is excited about the opportunity to partner with the Wild Sheep Foundation. We are confident that the MTNTOUGH Wild Sheep Workout will be a memorable and impactful event that will benefit wild sheep conservation for years to come.


January 17, 2025

  • More details to come!