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Experience Specialized Workouts Designed to Boost Your Strength, Endurance, and Mental Toughness.
Why Choose MTNTOUGH for Tactical Training?
  • Functional Fitness Programs: Tailored to the unique demands of tactical professions, our programs enhance strength, stamina, speed, and resilience, boosting your work capacity and preparing you for on-the-job challenges.
  • Mental Toughness Training: Our resilience courses are designed to cultivate mental toughness, helping you focus, stay disciplined, and calm under pressure; each essential for tactical occupations that see how long you can dig deep.
  • Injury Prevention and Rehab Workouts: Our 'prehab' stretches are designed to address and prevent injuries, ensuring you stay healthy, ready for action, and adaptable to varying physical demands.


14 Day Free Trial

MTNTOUGH offers a 14-day free trial, allowing tactical athletes full access to all training programs and community features. Explore risk free and experience MTNTOUGH before committing.


Earned Service Discount

MTNTOUGH proudly offers a significant 40% discount to verified Military Members, Veterans, LEO's, First Responders & LOE. Click below to get started on our best discount.


Flexible Payment Plans

MTNTOUGH offers two subscription plans: a Monthly Plan at $29.99 with flexibility to cancel anytime, and an Annual Plan at $239.99 for one-time yearly billing for hassle-free payments.


The Most Trusted Training Programs within the Tactical Community

Trusted by the tactical community: tailored workouts for military, special forces, and law enforcement officers. Join MTNTOUGH and transform your fitness to exceed the demands of your profession. Ensure you're always mission-ready.

Tactical Fitness
MTNTOUGH Pre-Deployment Tactical Workout Plan

The MTNTOUGH Pre-Deployment Program is a 12-week regimen designed with and for U.S. Special Operations Forces. Tested and refined over two years, this program delivers exceptional results for operators and disciplined athletes alike.

What the Tactical Community Is Saying:


"Spent the last 8 yrs in special operations and have found the workouts engaging and tough (in a good way). What really stands out to me is the great selection of programs that allow the user to pick based on goals and equipment available to them."

Great Programming and Content!

Verified Customer


"I suffered a pretty serious injury in the military. Couldn't complete my PT recovery and tried a lot of different apps and programs. Nothing worked. I found MTNTOUGH and am hooked. I use the app almost every day for my workouts. The coaching is incredible."

Incredible App for Fitness

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"I have been in the USMC for 14 years and this app is helping me get back to peak form. The app is great, very user friendly, lots of programming no matter your fitness goals or availability to equipment."

Great Programming, Great App.

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"While recovering from a disabling helicopter crash that ended my 15 year Navy career, I had a hard time finding something to keep me motivated. Following along with MTNTOUGH, they built me up from the ground level, making me functional again. The program rebuilt my body and allowed me to do things doctors said I would never be able to do again. I feel reborn."

MTNTOUGH will change your life!

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Tactical Fitness Training Programs We're Famous For

Train With Just Your Pack or Ruck

The MTNTOUGH HP20 Heavy Pack program is fundamentally unique in that it is the first ever fully coached heavy pack training program. Simply hit play, grab your heavy pack or rucksack and follow along as you are coached & motivated by the MTNTOUGH staff. Mission specific, HP20 has been designed for and tested thoroughly on dedicated mountain & military athletes. HP20 requires no gym and has revolutionized the way you can train... no matter what!


Kettlebell for Tactical Conditioning Workouts

KB20 is a 4 week follow along kettlebell program where you are able to stream the workouts and follow our coaches and athletes working out with you. People find themselves competing with our amazing athletes on screen (super fun). This is one of our most popular and most challenging programs to date and all you need is one kettlebell and your pull-up bar.


Tactical Strength Program

A progressive 9-week tactical strength training program that requires nothing but a backpack or rucksack. Utilizing your pack, we walk you through the process of building your own tiered weight sandbag kit, for a true strength training periodization.


Legendary Body Weight Program

Build mental toughness, build muscle mass, and improve your endurance anytime, anywhere, in just 30 minutes a day, with absolutely no equipment.

Tactical Training Discount
Earned Service Discount

MTNTOUGH proudly offers a significant discount to  Military Members, Veterans, LEO's and First Responders. Military, First Responders & LOE

Tactical Training: Earned in the Field, Improved in the Lab

Our Fitness Lab ensures that our training methods are always at the cutting edge, delivering the best possible results for you. Meet your team to greater tactical fitness:

Founder/Head Trainer/CEO
Dustin Definderfer

Dustin Diefenderfer helps individuals reach their specific personal and professional goals by pushing them to become more mentally tough. A world renowned trainer, ultramarathoner and backcountry hunter. Dustin focuses on mountain and hunting conditioning to achieve success in all aspects of life. A National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Dustin’s overall philosophy is based on work ethic, grit and helping his clients learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Tactical Advisor
Alex Fichtler

Raised under Montana's Big Sky, Alex Fichtler transformed his life in the challenging landscapes of Afghanistan and Africa as a Navy SEAL. This journey honed his physical and mental resilience, as he navigated some of the world's harshest environments.

Fichtler not only sets the bar high but insists on surpassing it. His daily regimen spans the gym, the mats, and the great outdoors, training relentlessly to optimize his performance.

Fichtler is committed to empowering others to uncover their inherent mental toughness to drive their fitness journey. As a tactical advisor for MTNTOUGH, Fichtler's target aligns with ours - to help you exceed your potential and conquer your goals.

Director of Mindset
Phil Kornachuk

Phil Kornachuk brings an extensive repertoire of experience in building and leading high-performing teams across various sectors. For over three decades, his unique approach to leadership development has transformed organizations, from corporate entities and collegiate sports teams to elite military units and emergency services.

Kornachuk's methodology is shaped by more than 22 years of leading and nurturing elite teams within the US Army Special Operations Community. Leveraging his invaluable experience, he imparts strategies to the MTNTOUGH community that are designed to enhance mental resilience and toughness, key components for any tactical athlete to succeed. Think of your time with Phil as personal training for mind.

A testament to his dedication to continuous learning, Kornachuk holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. His passion for leadership and team development make him an integral part of the MTNTOUGH team, contributing to our mission to help you surpass your potential and achieve your goals.

Athletic Advisor
Jimmy Alsobrook

Jimmy's 12-year career as a personal trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is driven by his commitment to helping his clients conquer their personal fitness goals. He specializes in functional training and sports conditioning, focusing on real-world applications and high-performance outcomes.

A testament to his expertise is his success in guiding clients to achieve ambitious feats like climbing Mount Everest. With a deep understanding of the physical rigors of outdoor adventures, Jimmy is passionate about preparing his clients for any challenge, be it in the frontlines, backcountry, or the busy urban jungle.

At MTNTOUGH, Jimmy brings this same passion to our tactical fitness programs, ensuring that our workouts not only enhance physical strength and endurance, but also prepare participants for the unpredictable, challenging situations they may face in their professions. His expertise in functional training is key to MTNTOUGH's mission of developing tactical athletes who are ready for any job, any mission, any time.

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The frequency of tactical fitness training can vary based on your current fitness level and specific goals. However, a common recommendation is to train 3-5 times per week. Always remember to include rest days for recovery.

Tactical fitness training can often be done with minimal equipment. Basic items might include a good pair of running shoes, a kettlebell, a pull-up bar, and a weighted vest. However, the specific equipment can vary based on the exercises in your program.

Yes, anyone can start tactical fitness training. It's important to start at a level that's appropriate for your current fitness and gradually increase the intensity as your strength and endurance improve. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new fitness program.

Progress in tactical fitness can be measured in various ways. This could include tracking improvements in the amount of weight you can lift, the number of repetitions you can perform, the distance you can run, or the speed at which you can complete a certain set of exercises.

Maintaining motivation in tactical fitness training can be achieved by setting clear, achievable goals, tracking your progress, varying your workouts to keep them interesting, and finding a training partner or group for support and accountability.