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Physical exercise is only part of what makes up a holistic athlete. Learn how to eat smart for your body so you’re satiated and focused for the long haul with MTN NUTRITION.

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Why Do This Program

There’s a process for everything. But sometimes you need help figuring out a game plan, which is why MTNTOUGH is offering a backcountry blueprint for nutritional success through MTN NUTRITION. This program will help you wherever you are in your nutrition journey. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle and endurance or maintain your physique during the offseason, MTN NUTRITION provides a science-based approach to dietary health. 

Hunting season is just around the corner. And being physically primed for the mountains is more than just muscle and mental toughness. You need a nutritional framework that meets your needs during your hardcore training sessions so you’re burning fat and not muscle, building endurance without feeling hungry. MTN NUTRITION fits seamlessly into your preseason prep because we all know that solid sustenance will only make you stronger.

Nutrition is often misunderstood, especially when inundated with fad diets and food trends. This is why MTNTOUGH teamed up with Kyle Kamp, a registered and licensed dietitian, so he can break down the nuances of quality nutrition for outdoor adventurers. Through this eight-video program, Kamp covers the importance of setting realistic dietary goals for short-term and long-term success specifically for mountain athletes. He also provides the tools to complete a nutrition audit, discusses meal timing and frequency as well as supplements, hydration and sleep. Learn how to customize an individual dietary plan for an upcoming hunt or for post-hunt recovery. 

We don’t want to tell you to skip your favorite foods or eat something you hate. Instead, MTN NUTRITION provides a baseline to navigate the food choices already in your fridge or pantry to make the best decision based upon what’s available.

What and How

Consistency is key

No matter your individual goal, if you don’t follow a consistent plan, you’ll miss the target every time. Stay on the path to hit that bullseye no matter what.

Process for progress

No matter your individual goal, if you don’t follow a consistent plan, you’ll miss the target every time. Stay on the path to hit that bullseye no matter what.

Smart training for everyone

Healthy eating can be learned. Understanding your individual needs will help create a nutritional balance for continued progress no matter the hunt or adventure ahead.

Gear Needed
  • Food scale
  • Food tracking app
  • Standard kitchen

Dietitian, Weight Loss and performance expert:
Meet Your Coach: Kyle Kamp

Kyle Kamp runs Valley to Peak Nutrition in Boise, Idaho. He is a Registered Dietitian and performance and weight loss expert. Kamp specializes in helping hunters and mountain athletes achieve success in the backcountry through explaining the science behind the nutritional components everyone needs, why it works, how it works and how to adjust dietary boundaries based upon personal goals. He creates customized, science-based nutritional programs for preseason prep and recovery as well as everything in-between. 


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MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab believes eliminating psychological barriers is the key to reaching your goals. Their team, which includes former US Navy SEALs and Army Rangers knows the most important muscle you can train sits between your ears.


Research and Development is at their core, and they spent over two years testing their MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Preseason Prep program on some of the world’s most dedicated mountain hunters.

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MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab has established itself as the elite source for improving mental toughness, physical preparation, and performance research for the backcountry hunter.

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