Best Functional Pack Training

MTNTOUGH offers industry-leading Functional Fitness Programs specifically designed to build strength and mental toughness. Train at home, at the gym, or on the go.

Our premier functional fitness programs are conveniently packaged for hunters, first responders, military and mountain athletes. You don't have to be an operator or hunter to do MTNTOUGH, you just need discipline and a strong work ethic. We guarantee you will be functionally fit for whatever mountain you intend to conquer.

Functional Fitness
Build Strength And Mental Toughness

We created this program for anyone who needs a kickstart – to get moving and take that first step. We will guide you through the groundwork needed to do any of our other programs. This program requires no gear – nothing but your body and a little space to move around in. Three workouts a week for two weeks  anyone can get this entire program done during a free trial.

Minimal Gear Daily

We are bringing these 20-30 min. workouts from the MTNTOUGH whiteboard straight to your house. There's a new workout every single weekday. No overthinking it. Just jump in and get moving.


Functional Kettlebell Program

KB20 is a ground breaking 4 week program that can be done anywhere with just one kettlebell. This is our first ever coached format, not self-guided.


Minimal Gear - On Ramp

MINIMAL GEAR ON-RAMP eliminates the intimidation factor when it comes to starting with MTNTOUGH . All it takes to complete this two-week, three-day per week program is your commitment and a few essentials you likely already own.


Foundation Program

Focusing on functional movements and improved flexibility at a pace you can handle, Foundation is a four-week program that can be repeated over and over or used as a transition to more rigorous programs.

MTNTOUGH's Famous Program
30 30 Min. Body Weight Workouts

Our most requested bodyweight program ever - completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. This is your anytime, anywhere solution for becoming MTNTOUGH.

Functional Fitness

The 45-70 was initially designed for active-duty military personnel locked down with zero access to a gym or equipment, but still needed to be prepared for rugged terrain & high elevation operations under the load of heavy packs.

Mission Ready
Tactical Fitness Program

The 12-week self guided MTNTOUGH Pre-deployment Program is built for, and with the help of active members of US Special Operation Forces, for their specific needs. With two solid years of testing and developing this is one of our best and popular programs among the tactical community.


Annual Plan

Set it and forget it - no hassle one-time yearly billing


Month-To-Month Plan

Our most flexible plan. Cancel anytime.


Customer Reviews


"Spent the last 8 yrs in special operations and have found the workouts engaging and tough (in a good way). What really stands out to me is the great selection of programs that allow the user to pick based on goals and equipment available to them."

Great Programming and Content!

Verified Customer


"I suffered a pretty serious injury in the military. Couldn't complete my PT recovery and tried a lot of different apps and programs. Nothing worked. I found MTNTOUGH and am hooked. I use the app almost every day for my workouts. The coaching is incredible."

Incredible App for Fitness

Verified Customer


"I have been in the USMC for 14 years and this app is helping me get back to peak form. The app is great, very user friendly, lots of programming no matter your fitness goals or availability to equipment."

Great Programming, Great App.

Verified Customer


"While recovering from a disabling helicopter crash that ended my 15 year Navy career, I had a hard time finding something to keep me motivated. Following along with MTNTOUGH, they built me up from the ground level, making me functional again. The program rebuilt my body and allowed me to do things doctors said I would never be able to do again. I feel reborn."

MTNTOUGH will change your life!

Verified Customer


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