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The MTNTOUGH Backcountry Calorie Calculator for improved on-mountain performance.

MTNTOUGH is continuously researching backcountry performance in “The Lab” here in Bozeman, Montana.

We kicked off a new study on caloric needs, caloric burn, caloric deficits, and its impacts on backcountry performance. We have been tracking mountain athletes calorie burn rates at high elevation, over rugged terrain, and on extended trips with both light packs and heavy packs.

Here’s what we found: Most hunters aren’t aware of how many calories they burn in the backcountry.

In fact, they typically burn way more calories than they consume, and that’s the fastest way to crash during your hunt.

It’s the kind of energy crash that can put a guys life at risk. Or sends him home off the mountain early, ending his dream hunt.

The combination of elevation, cold temperatures, rugged terrain, and heavy backpacks all combine to burn more calories than you’re used too.

That’s why we developed this Backcountry Calorie Calculator.

So you can find out how many calories you’re burning… and how much food you should be packing for your trip for increased performance.

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It’s built in Microsoft Excel format so you can use it on any device and it utilizes what's known as the "ACSM" or "Pandolf" equations, which were initially developed for the military and has been used since the 1970s to estimate how much energy it takes to hike with a heavy pack on.

This Backcountry Calorie Calculator Will:

  • Calculate how many calories you’ll burn each day based on bodyweight, pack weight, distance, elevation gain, and average hiking speed.
  • Plan your daily food intake based on your burn rate to manage your caloric deficit.
  • And build your backcountry food plan to have more energy, more endurance, and more success in the backcountry.

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