The bridge from Beginner to Elite. This fully-coached 4 week program requires zero equipment – just your commitment.

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BODYWEIGHT FOUNDATION is broken into two-week intervals in order to gradually ramp up intensity, using workout sequences that keep it engaging and make it effective. Each 30- to 45-minute session includes a warm-up and cool-down with plenty of plyometrics, agility, and dynamic movement to keep your tempo up and hone your physicality using your bodyweight as natural resistance. 

Why Do This Program

PERFECT for travel or on the go workouts. You can do this program in a hotel room.

Done with MTNTOUGH's Onramp Programs? Use BODYWEIGHT FOUNDATION to prepare yourself for more advanced bodyweight programs like 30-30, 30-30 2.0 and NG60.

Want functional fitness in under 45 minutes? Press play on BODYWEIGHT FOUNDATION.

What and How

Under 45min

Build strength and stamina in under 45 minutes, Monday through Friday

Ultimate Travel Program

No gear means it’s the perfect solution for anyone on-the-go

Functional Fitness

AMRAPs, EMOMs and timed sets eliminate the monotony and maximize functional athleticism

Absolutely No Gear Needed

That's what makes this program so special, you need nothing but yourself and a small open space. Anytime, anywhere. There is now no excuse for you not to get your workout in.

Functional fitness training with just your bodyweight and the floor is a remarkable testament to the power of simplicity and ingenuity. Every movement, whether it's a push-up, squat, or plank, engages multiple muscle groups, promoting holistic strength and agility. The beauty lies in its versatility, as exercises can be modified to suit any fitness level, from beginner to advanced.

With a focus on natural, compound movements, BODYWEIGHT FOUNDATION enhances not only physical abilities but also everyday functionality and mental toughness, making tasks outside the gym feel more effortless.

Meet Your Coach: Sarah Machino

A Division-1-soccer-player-turned-personal-trainer, Sarah knows a thing or two about what it takes to get stronger and become a better athlete. It’s all part of the training process – and one she is passionate about. When the Tennessee native isn’t crushing life in the mountains, she’s busy fostering mental toughness for all levels (from beginner to elite) by creating workouts intended to push you to your limits – physically and mentally – and make you stronger inside and out.

“Fitness should be treated as a means to conquer all of your passions — whether it be recreational, professional, spiritual, or your relationships,” says Sarah, who is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has certificates in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement. 

“We can build our bodies and minds to gain confidence and toughness for any endeavor we choose!  But we have to take the first step. Even if we need our hand held a bit.”


Annual Plan

Set it and forget it - no hassle one-time yearly billing for the best value.


Trusted By The Dedicated

MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab believes eliminating psychological barriers is the key to reaching your goals. Their team, which includes former US Navy SEALs and Army Rangers knows the most important muscle you can train sits between your ears.


Research and Development is at their core, and they spent over two years testing their MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Preseason Prep program on some of the world’s most dedicated mountain hunters.

Stone Glacier

MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab has established itself as the elite source for improving mental toughness, physical preparation, and performance research for the backcountry hunter.

Journal of Mountain Hunting

The Best Heavy Pack Workout to Build the Strength and Endurance for Backcountry Hunting. Forge the muscle endurance and strength needed for backcountry hunting with MTNTOUGH Fitness' heavy pack workout.

Men's Journal



Programs for the gym, home gym or body weight. MTNTOUGH+ has on-demand workouts on your phone, tablet, TV or computer. Location is not an excuse.


Wold-class industry trainers, former military leaders, and avid backcountry hunters will keep you encouraged, motivated and on the correct path. 


Programs are meticulously and scientifically tested in the Lab with local athletes before release so they are effective, safe, and improve your odds in the feild.

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