There are a thousand reasons to dedicate yourself to a fitness regimen, and there are thousands of programs to choose from today. So why MTNTOUGH?


First, no matter what program you choose, the most important thing is to choose to be healthy and then stick to your goals. You will feel better, and it will have positive reverberations throughout your life.

When it comes to MTNTOUGH, our answer to “why?” is cut and dry: the MTNTOUGH formula is focused on being fit for life. That means holistic physical and mental strength regardless of your fitness level, your age, or your outdoor passions. While many of our programs are built for mountain athletes and military operators, we offer an ever-expanding variety of programs that are designed to give every one of our clients the flexibility to adapt their training to where they are in their lives. The flexibility and adaptability are very powerful tools, and our ultimate goal is to help our community to become well-rounded in both their physical and mental health.

The fit for life mindset is built around three pillars, and we’ve broken them down for you below.

Adaptable Programs You Can Personalize


Every MTNTOUGH program is suitable for beginner, intermediate, or elite athletes. In our Bozeman Lab, we test everything we do on real athletes from a variety of age and fitness demographics. From teenagers to people well into their sixties  — including college athletes, military operators, police officers, wildland firefighters, hunters, climbers, skiers, mountain bikers, and people who are just looking to stay stronger in their daily lives — MTNTOUGH programming is built for you.

Through our testing, we monitor the performance of our athletes across ages and fitness levels, adjusting as necessary to ensure what makes it into the MTNTOUGH+ app will work for our community. Since day one, we knew we wanted to tailor programs for these wide demographics. The result of that commitment is proven programming that anyone can plug into. Whether you start a minimal gear program like KB20 or a robust gym program like Backcountry Hunter Postseason Strength, the programs will all give you the option to tailor your workouts to your fitness level.

Providing an adaptable program allows us to give elite athletes a challenging program while simultaneously helping someone to come straight off the coach into a program that meets them at their fitness level. This also keeps people safe from injury; by choosing the right balances of weight and tempo, we can prevent injuries while helping you to heal and recover from old injuries.



MTNTOUGH was built around the idea that if you’re a diehard mountain hunter at 40, we want you to still be a diehard mountain hunter at 60. The same is true for whatever your lifestyle is. If you’re a successful military operator at 35, we want to train you so you’re still a successful member of that team at 45. If you live for backcountry skiing but feel like you’re slowing down in your 40s, we want to restore your performance so you can crush tours winter after winter. Our goal is to train you in a safe manner to continue performing decades beyond what you may think is possible.

Our programming is rooted in career longevity and durability. We do not train you like a D1 college football player that is focusing on explosive power through heavy loads and low reps. We focus on muscular endurance, cardio, single leg stability, and protecting the major joint areas. We are constantly searching for that formula of just the right amount of heavy and the perfect amounts of cardio, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

A well-rounded fitness regimen is going to give you longevity, whether you’re choosing workouts with no gear, minimal gear, or fully equipped gym training. MTNTOUGH coaches also pride ourselves on inspiring, pushing, and supporting our athletes. We provide clear, positive guidance to safely guide you through a workout, and we are here to help when you have questions.

More Than One Season, More Than a Workout


MTNTOUGH+ gives you access to an expanding recipe book of fitness tools that will cover everything you need to be a mountain athlete. Those tools are designed to be effective regardless of seasonality. We have specific training programs for pre-season, in-season, post-season, and spring. No matter what your work-life balance or travel situations are, we have you covered with a variety of programs that can be done anywhere, including bodyweight, kettlebell, heavy pack, and all the way up to our fully coached Minimal Gear Daily program.

We are now proud to also offer a full suite of rehab and prehab content to make sure you’re not wearing on nagging injuries. MTN PT and MTN MVMT are designed by experts in physical therapy and functional mobility, offering our community invaluable resources for reducing pain, recovering from injuries, and building the strength and mobility needed to return to full strength.

We also believe that the greatest asset to unlocking your true strength lies in cultivating a strong mind and a healthy soul. Working on mental toughness and spiritual health with the same dedication as your physical health will help you thrive in every aspect of your life, which is why we created MTNTOUGH Mindset and Live Untamed.

MTNTOUGH+ is far more than just a fitness app. In addition to the large repertoire of programs to cover all your physical, mental, and spiritual needs, we offer a nutritional course, educational content for the mountain athlete lifestyle, and exclusive podcasts featuring leaders in fitness, hunting, the military, and more.

Going all in on every aspect of our health makes us whole and allows us to perform at our highest level and enjoy every minute we have of every day. The MTNTOUGH formula means staying fit life, and we are driven every day to deliver impactful solutions to our community to help you realize your full potential.