Turning Feral with Zach Hanson

Hanson lived on cruise control. He had a thriving career, designer clothes, and a jet-setting lifestyle. He practiced high-level jiu-jitsu, ran ultramarathons, and pursued academic interests, but nothing gave him what he craved: the antidote to suburban sedation. Hanson knew his life lacked balance. It served no purpose. It held no meaning. In an effort to connect with something true and real, he turned to the wilderness. Leaving the big-city office behind, he learned to hunt, trap, and live in harmony with the land deep in the backwoods of North America. There he discovered new significance and purpose while ultimately growing his career. Hanson detailed his tale in his book "Turning Feral: A Modern Journey of Hunting, Trapping, and Living Intentionally in the Wilderness. In this episode we dive into Zach's story, you won't want to miss it.

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