Taking Winter Hunting to the Next Level

"And we come over, I just came over this tiny little hump on the knife blade, and that billy was laying on the knife blade ridge that we were on at 80 yards, just laying there in the sun. So, we dropped down and Pete got the spotter on it, and he's like, "Holy shit, that's a big billy." I was like, "Are you sure, man?" He's like, "Yeah, I'm sure."

MTNTOUGH Founder, Dustin Diefenderfer recently did a podcast with our buddies over at The Rich Outdoors. In this episode, Dustin shares his epic adventure on a late-season Mountain Goat hunt here in Montana and they break down all sorts of gear and tips to help you take your winter backcountry adventures to the next level.

If you like mountain hunting and appreciate hearing great hunting stories, you don't want to miss this one!