MTNTOUGH Testimony: Coldfear

"The programming did a really good job of mixing in the strength piece, which for me is the climbing portion. But then also, the fitness in your legs and lungs to be able to go out and go for a long day."
Professional Ice Climber Aaron Mulkey

With almost 300 first ascents, Aaron Mulkey has been ice climbing for nearly 27 years, and training online with us for the past few. In this video, he talks about how MTNTOUGH has fulfilled his fitness needs for excelling at ice climbing. This sport requires long hikes into the backcountry only to be at the base of your mission. After that long haul, you need to be 100% ready to get to work, or else serious consequences could be at stake. Having a solid foundation of both cardio and strength is critical.
MTNTOUGH believes that mental toughness is just as important as physical strength and that the strongest muscle in the human body is the one between your ears. With a coaching staff comprised of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and renowned physical trainers—the workouts aren’t easy. The goal is to prepare clients for both the unthinkable and the everyday—to have the mental capacity and physical stamina to self-rescue in an emergency, or grind through a 12-hour workday and still play with the kids after dinner. Ara Megerdichian, MTNTOUGH coach and former U.S. Army officer and Ranger, believes the best way to harden the mind is by reaching and exceeding physical boundaries, by taking challenges once considered impossible and making them attainable and repeatable.