Minimal Gear Daily

“With MGD we are bringing workouts from the MTNTOUGH Lab whiteboard straight to you at your house. Every day is new. No overthinking it. Just hit play and train alongside the MTNTOUGH coaches and the community…we are all in this together and you need very little gear. From beginners to advanced, or those looking for 2-3 functional workouts a week to supplement their current outdoor training, this is the best program I have seen to build a stronger mindset and pursue more adventure in your life.” 

~ Dustin Diefenderfer, MTNTOUGH Founder

As we continue to evolve our programs around the lives of modern mountain athletes and military operators, we are stoked to launch MTNTOUGH Minimal Gear Daily. This new program meets you wherever you are in your busy routine and gives you a challenging new set of daily workouts every week.

One of the most consistent things we hear from our community is the need for workouts that are practical for everyday use. We understand that a daily workout routine asks a lot of us, not just in terms of our energy but also of that most valuable resource: our time. We also understand that not everybody has a fancy home gym and going to the gym every day isn’t always a realistic option. We heard you, and we’re confident that Minimal Gear Daily will fit into your lifestyle and give you results that keep you coming back for more.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or elite athlete, this daily program is designed to give you flexibility to train at your level. We will use your time effectively so you can get a great workout in a predictable timeframe. You only need a sturdy cooler or box, a pull-up bar, kettlebell, and dumbbells. Best of all, you will get to train with MTNTOUGH coaches like Jimmy Alsobrook Jr. every day along with an entire community of MTNTOUGHers all grinding through the same workouts together. 


We are bringing these workouts from the MTNTOUGH whiteboard straight to your house. Every day is new. No overthinking it. Just jump in and get moving.

Here’s the nitty gritty on how it works:

Each workout is 30-40 minutes and designed to perform daily Monday through Friday, but the program is perfect to do two to three times a week if that’s better for you. The core workouts are buffered by warmups and cool downs that ramp up throughout the week. During the second week, we run through it all again to outperform the previous week’s baseline and then move on to a brand new program for the next two weeks and so on. The programs are fully coached and you can follow along with two athletes to inspire you to push yourself through every minute.

We guarantee you will see results day after day and week after week, and brand new content will keep you engaged and coming back for more. Every daily workout will expire in 24 hours, and every day will bring a new chance to sweat it out with a great new workout.

Minimal Gear workouts will challenge your entire body and mind with a focus on five key areas: muscular endurance, range of motion, flexibility, cardio fitness, and mental toughness. We also built the workouts based on time and the effort you put in during that time, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or elite athlete; you will be able to crush these workouts and get out what you put into them.

Muscular endurance exercises like step ups and push ups will use timed intervals to challenge you to get as many reps as possible. They increase every day as you grow and get stronger with tangible results that will give you motivation and momentum.

Range of motion workouts will focus around warmups and cool downs that strengthen muscles and joints across your body by incorporating select weight resistance. These are no-brainers for any mountain athlete, but the idea is to bring consistency and increasing levels of challenge to your workouts so you build on your progress day after day while realizing your progress in real time. And if you’re doing prehab, there is nothing better than being strong and flexible throughout your body. Range of motion is essential to both injury recovery and optimal performance in the mountains.


Like every program at MTNTOUGH, mental toughness will be incorporated into everything we do. These are not easy workouts; you will need to dig to find the necessary grit to grind through this. There are no easy ways out, and you will quickly learn why the strongest part of your body is between your ears.

Similar to range of motion, flexibility workouts will be incorporated in the warmups and cool downs that increase throughout the program. These exercises focus on keeping your upper and lower extremities limber and strong.

Lastly, we will be giving you demanding cardio exercises at intervals that get longer every day. They will be timed so that you can go at your own pace, and we’ll present a wide variety of cardio routines throughout the program. Cardio has obvious benefits for overall health, but cardio fitness is particularly critical for the mountain athlete. When paired with the other exercises in the Minimal Gear Program, the cardio component will give you enhanced endurance to go for days in the most challenging conditions.

Enough said. Minimal Gear Daily is live in MTNTOUGH+. We’ll see you in the app!