Live Untamed

Total wellness is not a one-and-done phenomenon, and it goes way beyond our bodies. Mental and spiritual health is absolutely vital, especially in the complicated times we live in. Just like our bodies, nurturing our spiritual health takes daily dedication. If we’re not treating our overall well-being with the same passion and commitment as our physical fitness, we’re missing an essential piece of the puzzle.

MTNTOUGH has long believed in the power of holistic health, and we’re devoted to taking care of the mind, body, and soul of every member of our community. Wherever you are, we are all on a journey together to become better men and women every day of our lives. Now, we have a program and a guide to help us to dig deep and make honest connections with ourselves and those around us: Live Untamed.

Brian Van Eps has dedicated much of his life to helping people forge deeper, honest connections with themselves and the world. Van Eps brings a larger than life presence to his community as a pastor, and we’re incredibly excited to have his contagious positivity and uncanny insight leading the Live Untamed program.

“It’s about nurturing a healthy soul,” Brian says. “It’s one day at a time, but it’s a lifetime of learning and mastery.”

It will take conscious work to be better every day and every moment, to be honest with ourselves, to recognize the sacred moments in our lives, and to live each day with unwavering passion. We’re going to think of mental wellness like a workout, and Brian will be our trainer.

Brian will guide us through a structured program that will require commitment and accountability, but each session will leave us with a tangible sense of purpose and fulfillment. Best of all, we will all be in it together, holding each other accountable, and engaging with Brian throughout. Like he says, “Iron sharpens iron.”

Brian sat down with MTNTOUGH Founder Dustin Diefenderfer to talk about Live Untamed, and their conversation is below. Give it a watch, and then join us in MTNTOUGH+ to Live Untamed!