No Gear Bundle

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The No Gear Bundle contains three of our most popular no-gym programs plus the EAT MTNTOUGH nutrition course. Over 130 workouts you can do at home, in a small space, or on the road all with a savings of $200.

1. THE MTNTOUGH 30-30 2.0 - Cost $100
The most requested program in MTNTOUGH history. 30 workouts. 30 minutes. Specifically designed to get you stronger, leaner and more mentally tough with no gym membership required.

The next evolution in bodyweight training. Train alongside the veteran team of elite military and backcountry MTNTOUGH coaches as you rebuild your mindset and raise your physical limits in only 60 days.

3. THE MTNTOUGH 45-70 - $150
The most versatile program we have ever created initially designed for active duty military on lockdown. A 45 day weighted pack program tested and specifically built for the demands of the mountain hunter.

4. EAT MTNTOUGH - $100
Learn the tested principals to have more energy, less body fat, increased performance, more muscle & strength, improved mental clarity and significantly more energy.