NEW - Backcountry Hunter Spring Training Camp

A game changing cardio & endurance program specifically built for the mountain hunter.

60 day program with a strategic blend of cardio & strength designed to build a significant endurance base in the spring months.

Only $150 $100 - Save $50 for a limited time.


All full 60 days of training for only $1.66/day!

Real MTNTOUGH’er Results


"Now a hunter has a way to train for stuff he is going to see and he is going to be tested on" ~ MTNTOUGH'er Daniel Horner Pro Shooter, Team SIG SAUER


“Your guys’ backcountry hunter programming is killer! Had a great sheep season and it definitely helped me prep.” ~ MTNTOUGH’er Ryan Steelman 


“Since I’ve started doing MTNTOUGH. I’ve dropped officially 20lbs since doing the online program to now. More than that it’s made me really proficient in the mountains and effective at getting around. ~ MTNTOUGH'er Jaden Bales 

Cut Fat, Not Muscle, Build Game-Changing Cardio

Backcountry Hunter Spring Training Camp is specifically designed to get you to your ideal bodyweight for optimal performance without losing the muscle & strength you built during MTNTOUGH Postseason Strength.

The ideal program to complete after a postseason strength cycle. Spring Training Camp is specifically designed to increase your aerobic capacity and endurance as you move you into the summer months and prepare for sport specific Preseason Prep. Excellent for those spring bear hunts and summer marathons and trail runs.

60 day program, 5 workouts per week, all video instruction, tracking & progress inside "The Lab" our private MTNOUGH application. Train anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule from the convenience of your phone. (Gym equipment is required)

Private access to the entire MTNTOUGH community for leaderboards, encouragement, accountability, and support. This video based program is delivered directly to your smarthphone, tablet or desktop with access to the MTNTOUGH coaches for questions and support.

Get Started For Just $150


Meet the MTNTOUGH Coaches

NEW - MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter - Spring Training Camp

This program is all about increasing your endurance, and cardiovascular output after finishing your strength periodization in the Postseason Strength program. Includes:

  • 5 workouts per week, for 8 weeks, with full video instruction and supplemental form videos.
  • Additional mobility, warm up, cool down, and core finisher videos are included.
  • A 4 week cycle to boost your aerobic work capacity.
  • HR focused interval training to cut fat without losing muscle.
  • Specifically designed to get you to your ideal bodyweight for optimal performance before Preseason Prep.
  • A 4 week cycle to add significant lower body muscle endurance.
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Elite options (tailored to your individual fitness level).
  • Custom Built Training Application For Any Device.
  • Private Access to a Postseason Training Community.
  • Lifetime Access to the complete program and future updates.

Get Started For Just $150 $100 - Save $50 for a limited time.


MTNTOUGH proudly offers a significant discount to Professional Guides, Military Members, Veterans, LEO's and First Responders. Email for details.