Free Trial Workout - MTNTOUGH Heavy Pack 2.0

MTNTOUGH free trial heavy pack workout

FREE - Download The MTNTOUGH Heavy Pack 2.0 Workout

Last year we teamed up with the crew over at Stone Glacier to bring you the original MTNTOUGH Heavy Pack Workout. It was inspiring to see tens of thousands of mountain athletes across the world download this workout and give it a rip. Backcountry hunters from far and wide leveraged the workout on their local track or own backyard to prepare for the rugged demands of the backcountry.

This year, Stone Glacier reached out to us and asked us to up the ante. “ I wanted to see how they could take this workout to a whole new level,” explains Stone Glacier Marketing Director Lyle Hebel. MTNTOUGH responded, designed, tested, re-designed, and then handed us the MTNTOUGH Heavy Pack 2.0.

“This is one of my all-time favorite heavy pack workouts because you have to think and balance, and get used to taking your loaded pack on and it hits every muscle you have from head to toe. We are super impressed with the results of this workout and were so stoked we added it to our updated online MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Preseason Prep Program,” explains MTNTOUGH founder, Dustin Diefenderfer.

If you need to pack a high-level of conditioning into a short amount of time, with only your weighted Stone Glacier pack, this workout is for you. Give it a run, and let us know your feedback and how many rounds you complete.

Download the MTNTOUGH Heavy Pack 2.0 Workout

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