MTNTOUGH Heavy Pack 2.0 - Access



This workout is all about max rounds in 45 minutes, done as a circuit. Start with the lunges, repeat them 3x, then the run, then the burpees. That’s 1 round. Do max rounds in 45 minutes. Males 60lb pack and Females 40lb.

Start with...

  • 1) 10 Lunges Pack On Back
  • 2) 10 Lunges Pack Locked Out Overhead
  • 3) 10 Lunges Pack Held in Goblet/Front Rack Position

Repeat the Lunge Sequence Above Three Times Through. Then…

  • 4) 400M or .25 Mile Sprint

Followed by…

  • 5) 20 Burpees

That is 1 Round. Do Max Rounds in 45 Minutes.