Free Trial Workout - The Magic Pill

"MAGIC PILL" from MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab

A free no-gear workout from the MTNTOUGH 30-30 This workout is simple and incredibly effective, and all you need is a floor and an empty room. We like it because it is a tremendous mental challenge; it is a grind! The Magic Pill will have you looking forward to your burpees by the end. It boosts your fitness across the board and is short, yet very useful for significant leg endurance.

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MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab located in Bozeman, MT, has established itself as the elite source for improving mental toughness, physical preparation, and performance research for the backcountry hunter and tactical athlete.

Research and Development is at their core, and they have spent two years testing their MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Preseason Prep Program on some of the most dedicated mountain hunters. You can access this online program you can access straight from your phone to prepare mentally and physically for the demands of the Backcountry.

They have assembled an impressive team for this task, including Alex Fichtler (Former US Navy SEAL), Ara Megerdichian (US Army Ranger, Lieutenant Colonel and former West Point Instructor), and Jimmy Alsobrook (Mountain Training Legend & National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer).



MTNTOUGH proudly offers a significant discount to Military Members, Veterans, LEO's and First Responders. To thank you for your service, we've partnered with GovX to offer a discount on MTNTOUGH+.