NEW- Backcountry Hunter Elite Spring Program

For the needed edge to accomplish any goal or high elevation mission

Direct from "The Lab" this program is a product of two years of testing on some of the worlds most dedicated mountain hunters, special operations personnel, smokejumpers and hotshot rapell crews. 

When accomplishing the mission is all that matters, in rugged terrain, at high elevation, for multiple days. 

Only $150.

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All full 60 days of training for only $2.50/day!

The Industry Has Spoken


"MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab has established itself as the elite source for improving mental toughness, physical preparation, and performance research for the backcountry hunter and they have assembled an impressive team for this task, including Alex Fichtler (US Navy SEAL), and Ara Megerdichian (US Army Ranger, Lieutenant Colonel and former West Point Instructor)"


"MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab believes eliminating psychological barriers is the key to reaching your goals. Their team, which includes former US Navy SEALs and Army Rangers knows the most important muscle you can train sits between your ears... the brain."


"Research and Development is at their core, and they spent over two years testing their MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Preseason Prep program on some of the world’s most dedicated mountain hunters." 

Develop An Unbeatable Mind

Elite Spring is specifically designed for those of you who have completed the MTNTOUGH Postseason Strength and Preseason Prep program at an elite level. We do not recommend this as your first MTNTOUGH program. Elite Spring will help you achieve goals seen unattainable to most people and while the demands are mostly physical, the journey through the program is all about mental toughness.

The ideal program to complete after you have already been through MTNTOUGH Postseason Strength and Preseason Prep at an elite level. Elite Spring is designed to be completed in the spring months, with a focus on aerobic capacity, endurance and stamina before summer training transitions to sport specific.

60 day program, 5 workouts per week, all video instruction, tracking & progress inside "The Lab" our private MTNOUGH application. Train anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule from the convenience of your phone. (Gym equipment is required)

Private access to the entire MTNTOUGH community for leaderboards, encouragement, accountability, and support. This video based program is delivered directly to your smarthphone, tablet or desktop with access to the MTNTOUGH coaches for questions and support.

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Meet the MTNTOUGH Coaches

The all NEW- MTNTOUGH Backcountry Hunter Spring Elite Program

This program is advanced and is for MTNTOUGH'ers who have completed MTNTOUGH Postseason Strength and Preason Prep at an elite level. Includes:

  • 5 workouts per week, for 8 weeks, with full video instruction and supplemental form videos.
  • Additional mobility, warm up, cool down, and core finisher videos are included.
  • Strategic focus on mentality - forming an invincible mentality that is always focused on finding a way to succeed.
  • Spring focus - aerobic work capacity, muscle work capacity and lower body endurance.
  • Custom Built Training Application For Any Device.
  • Private Access to a Postseason Training Community.
  • Lifetime Access to the complete program and future updates.

Get Started For $150.

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MTNTOUGH proudly offers a significant discount to Professional Guides, Military Members, Veterans, LEO's and First Responders. Email for details.