The 45-70 is a progressive 9-week strength program that requires nothing but a backpack or rucksack. Utilizing your pack, we walk you through the process of building your own tiered weight sandbag kit, for a true strength training periodization. The 45-70 is the #1 program to build a strong foundation of fitness, all-around work capacity, and endurance with no gym or equipment.

  • 9 weeks of on-demand strength training utilizing your backpack or rucksack.
  • The go-to program to prepare for the backcountry with zero gym access or equipment.
  • Instructions included on how to build your complete sandbag kit for a progressive strength program.
  • Our most versatile program that can be done anywhere, anytime, with little floor space.
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Elite Levels for each daily workout.
  • Daily workout videos, and instructional form and technique videos delivered straight to your phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Access to "The Lab", our private MTNTOUGH community for accountability and support.
  • Lifetime Access – you can repeat the program as many times as you'd like.

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Are you ready for hunting season? Get prepared with the EAT MTNTOUGH + MTNTOUGH 45-70 Bundle

I was able to put the MTNTOUGH program to use...

"Just wanted to share the fruits of the labor! 16 weeks of the program and here’s what it allowed me to accomplish...thank you folks for the help and giving me the tools to “hang” up north 🤙🏽 Helping dreams come true! ~MTNTOUGH'er, Jesse Simonson

My energy level throughout the day has seen drastic improvements...

"The EAT MTNTOUGH nutrition program has allowed me to shed unnecessary fat my body was retaining while increasing my strength. MTNTOUGH's support and willingness to assist in tweaking my program for peak performance has kept me focused and on track" ~ MTNTOUGH'er, Braxton Flaming

Are you ready to make a change?

"I trained hard for a long time without thinking much about my nutrition and paid the price for it.  Learning the fundamentals and dialing in a nutrition plan specifically custom for me was the best change I ever made for my performance. This online program teaches you exactly how to do that." ~ MTNTOUGH Founder, Dustin Diefenderfer


>Get Started For Just $200 $120. Holiday Special - Save 40% for a limited time.

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You get a full 30 days to try the program and if you’re not happy, just ask for your money back. If you’re skeptical, we understand. We’re the same way. You have to earn our trust and we want to earn yours. That’s why we have this 30-day money back policy. We’ll earn your trust or you’ll get you money back. It’s that simple.