Free Trial Workout - No-Gear "The 22's"

Take "The 22's" Challenge... The MTNTOUGH no-gear workout designed to test your readiness for the rugged terrain of the backcountry.

MTNTOUGH Free Trial No-Gear The 22's workout

MTNTOUGH programming is focused on building a balanced athlete, one that is strong in the six pillars of MTNTOUGH: Endurance, Chassis, Oxygen Adaptation, Balance, Stamina, and Mental Toughness. "The 22's" is designed to test all six pillars and, based on your time, we can give you feedback on how mountain ready you are.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Enter your name and email below to take the challenge
  2. Watch the two-minute video showing you what to do
  3. Block off up to 60 minutes to get the workout done
  4. Check your time to find out whether or not you're mountain ready

Here's what MTNTOUGH athletes said after taking the challenge:

"I've been working out for quite some time and I've gone through a lot of different workouts coming from the Marine Corps. This first week was a wake up call for sure I'm so glad I started this, the workouts just make so much sense for the mountain hunter." ~ George Urmann

"When we fall and it's up to no one else except for ourselves to get back moving again. The 22's is my personal fitness test!" ~ Lance Bernal

"Just when you think you're in decent shape, MTNTOUGH humbled you in a matter of minutes! Great workout!!!" ~ Chuck Chauvin

"That was definitely a reality check so stoked to be apart of this!" ~ Logan Summers

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