The WHALEN Workout: from Pre-deployment W3D2

The Whalen Workout from MTNTOUGH Pre-deployment W3D2 was designed to push your boundaries mentally. It's a sprint workout. The goal is to complete all 3 blocks as fast as you can without resting. As soon as you finish block 3, you get to rest as long as it took to complete the whole thing. We want you to get full recovery here. As soon as that time's up, you're back in it again. The quicker you get through workout each time, the shorter the rest, but more rounds you can get in. You are going for max rounds in 60 minutes. 5 rounds of the Whalen in 60 minutes would be something special.


For this workout, you will need...
- a tire to flip (substitute Power Cleans if no tire)
- assault bike
- dip bar
- dumbbells
- med ball
- chin-up bar
- sled
- battle rope (substitute inverted TRX or Barbell rows if no long battle rope)

Here's how it goes...


60 minutes MAX Rounds (includes Rest time)
*1:1 Work to Rest Ratio* - see notes

Block 1: 1 Round
Tire Flip x 5 (or Heavy Power Cleans x 5)
Assault Bike Sprint x 10 cal
Dips x 10

Block 2: 4 Rounds
DB Thruster x 5
Heavy MB Slams x 5
Chin-ups x 5

Block 3: 2 Rounds
Sled Rope Pull x 20 yards (or Inverted Row x 10)
Heavy Ground-to-Shoulder x 6
Sled Push x 20 yards

* REST for the exact same amount of time it took to complete all sets of all Blocks*

Perform all sets of all 3 Blocks consecutively without resting. If it takes you 6 minutes to complete, you will rest 6 minutes. Your goal is 5+ sets in 60 minutes.
Block 1: If you do not have a tire, perform either heavy barbell cleans or heavy kettlebell swings.
Block 2: We want your DB Thrusters and Med-ball Slams to be HEAVY.
Block 3: If you do not have a rope, connect cable handles or a TRX to your sled for the pull element.


DB Thrusters:
Beginner: Male - 15s - 20s, Female - 10s - 15s
Intermediate: Male - 25s - 35s, Female - 15s - 25s
Elite: Male - 40s - 55s, Female - 30s - 40s

MB Slams:
Beginner: Male - 25lb, Female - 15lb
Intermediate: Male - 30lb - 40lb, Female - 20lb - 25lb
Elite: Male - 50lb - 80lb, Female - 30lb - 50lb

Sled Rope Pull and Sled Push:
Beginner: Male - 130lb - 150lb , Female - 60lb - 70lb
Intermediate: Male - 160lb - 180lb, Female - 80lb - 100lb
Elite: Male - 190lb - 250lb, Female - 110lb - 140lb

Ground to Shoulder:
Beginner: Male - 25lb, Female - 15lb - 20 lb
Intermediate: Male - 30 - 40lb, Female - 25lb - 35lb
Elite: Male - 50 - 80lb, Female - 40lb - 50lb

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