Test Your Limits with This Free Endurance Workout

MTNTOUGH Founder Dustin Diefenderfer brings you this insanely simple, free sample workout from the online In-Season program from MTNTOUGH All Access that will push you to your limits if you put in the work for your best time.


If you only had one endurance workout and one strength workout to chose from, this would be your endurance choice every time.  The MTNTOUGH triathlon tests your endurance, and it will test your mental toughness.  When you hit the SkiErg you will want to quit, but you can't for a solid time and you must push through the pain and finish.  This workout is done for time with no rest between machines or runs.  Keep track of your times, and try and improve each time you do it. 

The Workout:

150 cals (Male) / 120 cals (Female) - Assault Bike

600m Run

150 cals (Male) / 120 cals (Female) - Concept 2 Rower

600m Run

150 cals (Male) / 120 cals (Female) - Concept 2 SkiErg

600m Run


Elite Male - 30:00-34:00 minutes

Elite Female - 40:00 - 44:00 minutes